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Have you Tried out the Top Knot? The Secret to Styling this Smokin' Hot Style!

The top knot is all a buzz lately in the fashion and beauty world. With its chic elegance and ability to go with many outfits, we're loving this hairstyle too! If you've been desiring to try a top knot there are a number of factors that go into this amazing hairstyle. Are you ready to learn all about it?

How to Style Your Top Knot

A top knot can be styled quite easily, but it does take some styling skills! First, allow your hair to dry naturally or blow dry it to create extra volume and body. After you hair is dry you can either backcomb it to create extra body prior to pulling it up into a pony, or you can go for a sleek look like we discussed a few posts ago. Flipping your hair over is a lot easier to put your hair on top of your head, so as you pull your hair into a ponytail, put your head upside down and gather up your hair. Use an elastic to hold all of your hair in a ponytail and get ready to style your top knot

The Accessory You Need!


If you've been curious as to how the celebs and fashionistas get a big and bold hair bun, it's not them styling their hair sky high, but in fact they are using a hair donut! You can find one on Amazon.com (check out the Conair Bun Maker Set) or you can find other donut accessories on other beauty sites too. If you don't prefer to use a hair donut, try using a sock instead. Tie it around your ponytail and then spread out your hair on top of the sock to create the perfect top knot. Whether you use a sock or a hair donut (which will create a larger hair knot depending on the size you buy), you can hide your stray hair strands with bobby pins and by tucking your hair underneath the donut.

Add Something Extra to Your Top Knot

A top knot doesn't have to stop with just being in a beautiful bun on top of your head. In fact, you can add simple accessories to it (in addition to your donut) that will truly  make it stand out. Try using sparkly bobby pins on the side of your hair or even a pink bow right by your top knot! Also, don't forget to pull out some of your wispy hair-strands to add a little bit of pretty hair around your face. This will create dimension and make the style even more lovely.

Whatever you choose to add to your sock bun, we're sure that it will turn out fabulously!  Even if you decide  to leave it as is (without any extra accessories), now you know how to style your top knot beautifully!

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