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Pretty Handmade Hair Accessories - There are so Many to Choose From!

If you're on the hunt for new hair accessories there are many to choose from, especially on Etsy! From headbands to bobby pins there are definitely many ways to add beautiful styling to your locks. Whether you decide to do an updo or style your hair down, bobby pins and even headbands will add something extra to your hairstyle. Plus by wearing creative accessories it's even more fun to style your hair!

We scoured Etsy and found quite a few accessories that we love, but we thought we'd show you just a few for now. So here are a couple of accessories of  that have caught our eye. They're really creative and will look very stylish in your hair! You'll have to let us know if they catch your eye too! ;)

Floral Stretchy Gauze Headband: 

This headband is perfect for the summer. With it's lovely colorful florals and overall fun design, we think this headband would be a great addition to your hairstyle! Wear it with pigtail braids like this Etsy seller is doing in the picture, or put your hair up in a high bun and use the headband to add some pizazz to your updo!

If you decide to go with a floral ensemble this headband will definitely blend in nicely. Or - if you'd like to wear a white pair of jeans with a floral tee, that would be another look to try with a floral headband like this. Color and floral patterns are fun during the summer, so be sure to try it out before the summer time disappears! Wearing a headband like this would be a great way to experiment with your fashion.

Antique Bronze Filigree Shabby Chic Bobby Pins

If you like to have bobby pins hold up a braid or twist in your hair, why not find some bobby pins that will add something extra to your hair style? These bobby pins in particular are super sweet and will look great as an accessory that will hold in your darling braid.

A pretty bobby pin set will also compliment many outfits and will glam up your look, creating a fun weekend staple.

We love the fact that this seller goes the extra mile and packages her bobby pins in either a box with ribbon or organza bag. We think that these pins would look lovely added to your hairstyle and not to mention look super cute with a summer day look. Wear these bobby pins with a light pink frock so that your outfit will match the bobby pins and you will have an adorable outfit! Don't forget to complement the outfit further with a pretty pair of flats or flip flops and have fun in an adorable ensemble.

Summer Elastic Headbands -

Super soft elastics are all the rage right now and whereas you will usually find them in a smaller size which works well to use as a ponytail holder, this Etsy seller is offering these great elastics as headbands!

If you have hair extensions these elastics are great because the elastics are designed to not pull on your hair. They are very gentle and will also not cause headaches if you decide to wear one for a while. They also do a great job at keeping your hair tangle free, which is essential when taking care of your Perfect Locks.

Since the elastics come in different colors they will also match with a variety of workout outfits, making it fun to add some color to your hairstyle! So head to the gym with pretty elastics that will keep your locks in place without causing harm to them.

Etsy has many more accessories, but this just gives you a glimpse of what they have to offer! We hope you have a wonderful Saturday and have fun picking up new accessories for your hair!

-Perfect Locks

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