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Half Up, Half Down Hairstyles: A Second Look

On Tuesday, we looked back at some of the most popular hairstyles of the 70s, including the ever-so-straight locks of the Brady sisters, Marcia and Jan. These simple looks are fairly timeless - yet, somehow, the 2010s have managed to turn them upside down. So if you’re considering taking the earthy-yet-refined styles of the 70s and updating them for the new era, here are a few tips:

  • Start with the right length for your look. For great wedding hair or more formal events, longer locks will make an impression. Try fusion or clip-on extensions, or a half wig to really go the extra mile. However, choose your hair texture wisely (see below).
  • Make sure your hairline looks natural. If opting for extensions or a wig, get a top-closure hair piece, full or half lace wig, or other weave installation that allows you to sweep tresses back without obvious tracks peeking out over your forehead.
  • Blow-dry hair. For this relaxed profile, a wet set might give locks too much definition. Instead, shampoo and condition, then blow dry, using heat-protectant serum to prevent hair damage.
  • Catch the big waves. Back in the day, stick-straight hair was in, but one of 2010’s biggest hair trends is big-barreled, luscious waves. So switch up the style stance and go for lengths just as long and free-flowing as in the disco age, but with a much more interesting texture. As pictured, stars like Eva Longoria Parker, Fergie, Zoe Saldana, and more reverse the Jan-Brady look by wearing most of their hair curlier, instead of just two tight ringlets. Consider wavy extensions, a dry-set on HUGE rollers, or running a large-barrel curling iron through your mane, to achieve this texture.
  • Crowning glory. Once again, flat hair can be stunning – but so, too, can a bit of height in the crown. When creating a half-updo, section off a portion of hair at the front of the head. For poofier ‘dos, this section should run from ear to ear; backcomb and secure with hairpins or a jeweled barrette. If your desired style is more casual or sleek, part off a 3- to 4-inch area atop the forehead, and brush back flat; secure as usual, perhaps even using a ponytail holder. Or, for a combo look that easily goes from day to night, part hair in the middle, as well as ear to ear, and direct this top portion backwards, clipping both sides together.
  • Iron it! For more retro girls, the contrast between sleek strands and a few carefully-placed curls can be interesting. Try blowing locks straight, getting a straight weave installed, or slicking hair into a topknot, leaving out about one inch of hair at each ear. For best results, use a larger-diameter curling iron – not a wet set, as this may look too structured – to fashion two long, loose spirals framing the face.

Upkeep is easy with this type of hairstyle. Since sweeping the small crown portion back is relatively easy, you can let your locks down at night and wrap them, or cover them with a satin cap. To hold curls or waves in place, consider setting large sections on spiral rods, paper rollers, or big knots; just take your hair down in the morning, finger comb, swoop upwards, and go - you’ll look foxy, for sure!

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