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Half-Lace Wigs and You


Looking for a quick and easy, yet natural way to take on a new look? Not particularly interested in hair extensions, yet not inspired by lace-front or traditional wigs either? Then try a half-wig, which may literally be just the right amount of hair for you!

Half wigs, as their name implies, are wigs without bangs or lace at the hairline. These wigs allow you to control how your hair falls over and near your face without the time commitment of a sew-in or net weave. They require no tape or trimming down - you can literally slide them on and go.

The only trick with half-lace wigs is making sure to properly integrate your own natural hairline or bangs into the wig hair. Here are some tips for pulling on your half-wig seamlessly:

  • Make sure your half-wig is the same color and texture as the hair around your hairline. Women with light-colored hair may be able to use temporary hair color to make their locks match a dark-hued wig, but the reverse is probably more hassle than you're looking for. Similarly, you can straighten or curl your mane to match your newfound tresses, but make sure the new look won't revert, frizz, or flop too quickly.



  • Always invest in 100% virgin Indian human-hair half-lace wigs, as these will last longer, give you better body and movement, and help further the illusion that you are wearing your natural hair.


  • Cornrow or wrap away all but the front portion of your mane, then secure with a breathable wig cap. This will help the wig lie flat. It also keeps you from having to deal with extra strands in the way as you style and perfect this front section.


  • Along the same lines, curl, roll, or flat iron the hair in your hairline/bang area before pulling on a half-lace wig. You want to make sure your natural is completely dry and ready to simply comb or style into the wig hair beforehand. This way, you don't have to worry about overstyling your wig, which probably does not extra help to look fabulous.

Once you've followed these steps, you're ready to slide on your perfect half-lace wig, mix in your all-natural hairline, and keep people guessing!

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