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Half Braid Hairstyle How To

Since the 4th of July is coming up you no doubt need some ideas for a hairstyle, right? We've been having so much fun pinning that we often come across hairstyle picture inspiration, and learning how to half braid your hair is one of them. If you look to the left you'll see a picture that shows you how to achieve half braid, but we though we'd also give you instructions so that you'll have a visual and directions both to pull off this amazing look. Thanks Join the Mood for your hair inspiration image tutorial!

Here are some directions so you can pull of this hairstyle too:

If you're not familiar with how to french braid, you will need to learn how to french braid first. YouTube is an excellent source to use to learn how to french braid, or if you have a daughter who has barbies find one and start practicing! It's rather easy once you get the hang of it, but it does require some coordination, especially since you'll essentially be braiding backwards over your head for this particular half braid hairstyle.

With a french braid it's all about starting with a simple braid and then pulling new sections of hair up that will join your initial braid as you continue to braid. As you braid each section of hair, pull up a new section of hair into each section, creating what's known as a french braid. You don't want to pull up too much hair at a time, because you need enough hair to continue your french braid. If this sounds confusing watching a video will certainly help.

Once you've mastered how to french braid, you can definitely pull off a half braid. This blogger separates her tresses when she's first starting out her braid so that her long hair won't get in her way when she's first braiding, which is a good idea. Once you've gotten past the initial braid, pull out the clips that are holding your hair. Keep on braiding until you read half way down, or to the nape of your neck. By this time you'll also be out of hair to braid, except for one section, which we're getting to next.

Now for the important part - you'll want to keep a small section of hair out that will be near the nape of your neck. This hair will be later used to wrap around your ponytail holder after your braid is complete.

Once you've reached the end of your french braid, secure it with an elastic or rubber band. A rubber band that's gentle is important to use, especially if you have hair extensions. You don't want to pull on your locks or get your hair all snarly!

Now find the small section of hair that you pulled out earlier. Start braiding a normal braid since you don't have any more hair to french braid it with, and after you're done with this braid, twist the small braid around your elastic (hair ponytail), which is on the finished part of your french braid. Use bobby pins to secure the small braid around your ponytail. You should now have a half braid style that's darling. This look will also look wonderful worn during the 4th of July or will work perfectly for a weekend hairdo that will keep your hair off your neck!

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