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6 Hairstyling Tips for Heart-Shaped Faces

No other face has the natural charm and nostalgia of the heart-shaped face. Like their name implies, heart-shaped faces tend to have a sweet, innocent look and bring to mind the image of an old-time lady from a painting. So what’s the best way to style such a face? Read on…

Fringe Benefits

One of the few drawbacks of having a heart- or inverted-triangle-shaped face is having a fairly wide forehead and narrow, pointy chin. To camouflage or narrow the brow area, go for long, side swept bangs that fall just over the eyes. This will call attention to your peepers as well as give you a carefree, tousled look that can go anywhere, from the beach to ballroom. However, try to avoid blunt, too-heavy, or short bangs, as these will only shorten your face and give you a baby-doll look.

Add Length

Center parts can help make short heart-shaped faces look longer, as can long, playful layers. Whether stick-straight or wavy, long locks help draw the eye downward, which is exactly what you want when your head is wider up top.

Beware of Heights

Along the same lines, it’s best to avoid adding too much height or volume to updos or curly styles. These effects only make the face wider and taller, and extra height calls attention to the forehead area, which you’ll want to minimize. Go for more natural looks with more flow, both to maintain a more grown-up style and to sculpt your face into a more balanced silhouette.

Updo Advice

Don’t slick hair back and up too severely; this will only play up your old-fashioned facial structure for a fragile, Victorian look, as well as showcase your brow area. Opt for loosely upswept locks instead; try easygoing French rolls or topknots with attitude, which will add a modern flair and extra drama to your look.

Take a Short Cut

Wispy short hair cuts and pixies look fabulous on heart-shaped faces. Taper the ends and keep the cut above the chin area for a look that shows off your enviable cheekbones, lips, and eyes.

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