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Hairstyles that Make Your Face Look Slimmer

So you've made your New Year's resolution to lose weight.  You've signed up for a gym membership, stocked up on healthy snacks and created a food journal. In time your efforts will pay off. But what if you want to look slimmer now? Here are some hairstyles that will make you look thinner.


Long and Layered

Long and layered locks can do wonders to camouflage a round, chubby face. The long tresses give the illusion of a long, elongated face,  making it appear slimmer. Create layers by trimming the hair above and below the chin area. Try to avoid layers that stop at the chin. Shoot for a length that falls between your chin and your shoulder. The idea here is to create a look that draws the eye up and down instead of outward.

Go for Symmetry

To create the illusion of a slimmer face, go for asymmetrical styles. Sleek bobs, side parts and side-swept bangs are excellent ways to shave inches off of your face. When creating your bob, avoid a one length bob that stops at the chin. Go long on the left and short on the right (or vice versa). If your hair is short, try adding a human hair clip in extension for instant length.

Thicken Your Mane

If you have thin or fine hair, your hair may not be thick enough to disguise your face. Add in a few human hair wefts to thicken your thin locks.

Get a splash of color

Add highlights to your hair to create contrast. The contrast in colors will enhance shading, and mimics stripes. Stripes elongate  the face, making you appear slimmer and taller. For instant highlights, add clip in extensions to your locks and trim your face in seconds.

Avoid bluntly cut bangs.

Although this style is trendy, a blunt cut draws more attention to the front of the face and makes your face appear chubby. Blunt bangs make your face look both shorter and wider. Go for an asymmetrical bang instead. You can achieve the perfect sideswept look  by adding a clip in bang.


Skip stick straight hair

Pencil straight hair can make your head look small and your face look fuller. Add a little volume at the top to instantly slim your face. You don't have to have an 80's pouf to add volume. Simply give your bangs a little lift or add a volumizing conditioner to give your hair a little height, drawing the eye upward.

Don't pull your hair straight back

When it comes to slimming your face, your hair is the first line of defense. Let it do its job. Don't pull all of your hair into a slick, tight bun. Avoid a headband that pulls all of your hair back and out of your face. When it comes to slimming your look, the more hair in your face, the better.

Looking for instant slimming before your grueling gym workouts take effect? Try these simple hair  tips to make your face look slimmer.

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