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Hairstyle Ideas for Type 4 Kinky Curly Hair

Kinky, nappy, coarse, resistant, bad—you’ve heard it all before, when it comes to Type 4 hair. These super-textured zigzags are simply misunderstood, though. Type 4 hair can do lots of things…in fact, anything, if treated properly and handled carefully.

As most Black women know, Type 4 tresses can be relaxed, texturized, press-n-curled, or weaved to do just about anything that any of the other different hair types can do. And everyone is taking notice nowadays of the new natural hairstyles hitting the style scene. Two-strand twists (with or without extensions), individual and microbraids, Afros, locs, and Afro puffs are all making major waves, and seem to be here to stay, not just “fads” or “crazes”.


So if you’re reading this, as a woman with Type 4 hair, you actually have the best of both worlds—you can sport any look, and change it up at will! You can go sleek and smooth with a wig, weave, or perm, but you can also completely play up your natural hair type. Also, there are plenty of ways to mix up your texture, for stunning and beautiful effects. Here’s just a few:


  • Or, on the other hand, braid the sides and back into a fishtail to lay them flat, and create a short, any-textured style up top. You can braid or twist the hair for a curly look, or use extensions for a straighter or wavier one.
  • For extra control of your 4b lengths, try a twist-out, flat twist-out, or braid out: simply braid, flat-twist, or two-strand twist your wet hair in small sections. Air dry or sit under a dryer, and then unleash defined ringlets with the help of a bit of pomade or shea butter. It’s almost two styles in one, and can work on relaxed or natural hair. [Tip: For bigger, bouncier ringlets, try a Bantu knot-out; for medium curls, set


    hair with twists; and for tiny waves, do a braid-out. See pictures.]

  • Go simple with an Afro, swept back to show off your face by a beautiful, bejeweled headband.
  • Mohawk time! Braid, flat-twist, or cornrow one side of your hair, or both sides, and let the rest of your locks erupt in gorgeous poufs of volume. Depending on the length and style you’re going for, you can set the loose hair with Bantu knots, braids, or twists for extra curl.


  • Take your locs to the limit by wet-wetting them on perm rods or rollers with a little setting lotion, for a wavy, sexy allure.

And the list goes on! Stay tuned for more natural hair styling tips for Type 4 hair, and look out for PerfectLocks’s list of Top 5 Black Hair Care Myths Exposed (coming soon).

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