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Hair Weaving Methods Explained

Over the past few years, more and more people are opting for weaves. Why? Not only does it let your regular hair rest but it's versatile and allows you to wear your hair in various styles without damaging your hair. Are your ready for something new?

There are several different type of hair weaving methods that you can choose from. When choosing consider these questions:

How long will I be wearing my hair in a weave?

How much am I willing to pay?

What type of method will do best for my hair?

The Methods

  1. Cord Tracking: With this method thin weft of hair is positioned on the scalp. The weave piece is then attached with weaving thread and the client's real hair is placed over it to hide the track. Cord weaving can be used with natural or permed hair.
  2. Cornrow Track: Cornrow tracking is very similar to cord track except cornrows are used to attach the weave to the hair instead of a weaving cord. The stylist will cornrow hair and brush your real hair over the track.
  3. Invisible or Tree Braiding: With this method your whole hair will end up being braided. This technique allows weave to be put into your hair without glue or thread. Weave hair is braided in the client's hair in cornrowed layers. The client's hair is separated from the weave; the weave is pulled through the cornrows.
  4. Hair Bonding: This technique should always be done professionally. With this method the weave is attached to strands or the client's hair using specially formulated adhesives. With proper care this weave can last from 4-6 months.

Whatever type of method you choose you also want to make sure you choose the right hair. If you plan on keeping your weave in for awhile you might want to opt for human hair. If you only want to wear your weave for a few weeks than synthetic hair is the type of hair for you. With a nice hair weave you can wear your hair in all kinds of styles!

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