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Hair Tips From Around the World Part II

In continuation from our part I post about hair tips from around the world, we're back to give you more tips! The world is full of mystery, yes, but it is also full of amazing beauty tips that keep your tresses in wonderful condition! So keep reading to get the scoop on more tips from around the world.

Mexico - Towel Dry Your Tresses

After your shower, as opposed to using a blow-dryer (which is harsh on your tresses by the way), grab a towel that's nearby instead. This will make your hair extensions and your hair stay in wonderful condition, and it will also keep them full of moisture as opposed to stripping them of all moisture, which is exactly what a hair dryer does because you are essentially exposing your hair to too much heat. If no one is around in your house or if you feel comfortable enough, keep a tight towel wrapped around your hair until your tresses are dry. Want to hear some good news too? If you want your hair straighter instead of dealing with unruly curls, this is the way to do it. Your hair will dry straight or at least with subtle curls due to being in a tight towel until they dry.

Puerto Rico - Go with Your Natural Texture

Instead of fighting the natural texture in your hair, go with it! In Puerto Rico it is humid and very windy and many of the women head to the beach. If they happen to have curly locks they go with it, as opposed to straightening their hair. Did you know that Jennifer Lopez is of Puerto Rican descent? We don't know if her hair looks that good naturally, but perhaps she embraced the Purto Rican stance that her natural hair texture of hers is the way to go. That would explain why we love her locks so much! Whatever the case may be, go with your natural locks and opt for face-flattering layers that will look good anywhere, especially on the beach.

Spain - Subtle Highlights

It's been said that the women in Spain embrace their hair color, as opposed to getting it colored every 4-8 weeks like most women do here in the U.S. In Spain they go for subtle highlights, which blend in with the sun and look very natural.  Maybe their stance on highlights is a good one because not only does it cost far less, it highlights natural hair and opts for a simple hairstyle that goes with the climate.

All three of these countries offer great tips for your tresses, from embracing your natural hair color and texture to allowing your hair to stay subtle and supple from letting your hair dry in a towel. Embrace tips from all around the world and you might find yourself using many of their techniques to achieve stunning hair that will look beautiful and shiny.

Thank you to InStyle who inspired this article via their 50 Best Hair Tips!

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