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Hair Shedding While Wearing Hair Extensions - What to Expect

A common concern with having new hair extensions is how to tell how much real hair you should be losing on an any given day. The myth that hair extensions make your hair fall out is hardly true - in fact hair extensions help protect your hair and keeps it healthier. Whether you have fusion hair extensions or another type of hair extension, losing your natural hair is completely normal.

Typically on any given day it is normal to lose up to 100 hairs.

Your hair follicles "shed" hair daily and grow new hairs, just like your nails grow or your skin replaces itself as well. It's all a part of our body's regrowth process. If you get new hair extensions and you lose a lot of hair, don't panic. You are not losing any more hair that you used to before you had hair extensions, it just may seem that way since you are getting used to having more hair. It's very normal to lose natural hair on a day to day basis.

If you would like to keep track of the amount of hair that you have before applying hair extensions, that is always an option. That way when you take the hair extensions out or get new ones you'll know how much hair you had prior and how much you've lost.

How do you keep track of your natural locks?

Take pictures of your hair before applying hair extensions and then compare them to your hair upon removal of the hair extensions 3-4 months later. Also, you can also choose to place all of your hair into a ponytail to measure it. Measure it with either an actual fabric measuring tape or with a piece of ribbon.

Don't worry if you decide to take your extensions out and your hair seems thinner. You've just been used to having thick hair for quite some time! Give yourself some time to readjust and when the time is right get some new hair extensions and style your hair to perfection!

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