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Hair Rules that Are Meant to be Broken

Who says that hair rules are meant to be kept? In fact, we think this is quite the opposite. Many hair rules should be broken, otherwise new hair trends would never be developed, right? So instead of feeling uptight and boring, take a leap of faith and break some rules. We promise you'll definitely want to break the following hair rules because it will make your tresses look fabulous.

Kate's Eyebrows Don't Match Her Hair!


Eyebrows and Hair Color do Not Have to Match -

Yes, we can understand how you would want your eyebrows and hair color to match, but it doesn't have to! Brows that are already lighter or darker than your actual hair color will look sharp and edgy. Keeping your brows in the same tone, however, is recommended. Warm tones should stick together and cool tones should stick together. So, if you are blonde haired beauty, for example, keep your brows slightly lighter or slightly darker and that will work out quite well.

You can Go Longer In-Between Hair Cuts -

Most hairstylists will tell you to get your hair trimmed every 6 weeks or so, but  you can go as long as you'd like if you're taking care of your tresses! Unless you have a short do' that requires a lot of maintenance, waiting up to 3-4 months or even more is perfectly fine. Every three to four months you can either get a trim, deep conditioning treatment to add some moisture to your locks, or perhaps a texturizing treatment or glaze would be a good idea as well. It really depends on what your hair needs are and if you aren't sure, have your hair stylist give you their honest take on your locks and how often you should get them trimmed. If you have an honest relationship with your hair stylist they will tell you the truth. Plus, if you're currently trying to grow out your tresses, going a lot time in-between cuts is definitely recommended.

Have fun with Ombre as Opposed to Highlighting Every 6-8 Weeks - 

It used to be a big no-no to go more than 6-8 weeks to highlight your tresses, but with the new ombre trend that's around, you can let your hair grow out until forever. Show off your natural hair color and keep the highlighted blonde in and you'll have a natural ombre without having to get it professionally done. Besides, it's fun to go all natural. The sun will add some natural highlights to your hair if you like to go on walks outdoors or have time to head to the beach. Either way, this rule was definitely meant to be broken. ;)

Do Wash your Hair Daily, if Needed - 

If you're a swimmer or happen to work out every day, washing your hair every day is just fine, even though you might have heard that it is not. The key is to find a low-lather shampoo that is both gentle and moisturizing for your locks. A conditioner that's moisturizing and light weight is also important. To make sure your tresses are getting the right amount of moisture they deserve, apply a leave-in conditioner if you feel that your hair is getting dry from washing it every day. Find the perfect hair care and you should have no problem washing your hair as often as you'd like.

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