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Hair Loss and Pregnancy, What You Can Expect

Your hair experiences a resting phase every 2 or 3 months, this is a phase where your around 10% of your hair will fall out and get replaced by new hair. Women usually experience hair loss from the 1 to 5 months after delivery, it's usually excessive hair loss and affects around 50% of women in their pregnancy. It's very normal to expeience this, and can be attributed to a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Hair loss in women can usually be triggered by anything that involves a estrogen hormonal balance or imbalance, which also include birth of the child, miscarriage, or abortion. If you experience any of these events or balding issues, there are a number of things you can look into.

  • Avoid pulling your hair back
  • Avoid using hair products that contain biotin and silica
  • Avoid combs that have fine teeth
  • Keep products that require heat (ie. hair dryers, curling irons) on cool settings
  • Supplement your diet with vitamin B, C, E, zinc, and/or biotin

If you are still having hair problems during or after pregnancy, a good solution may be Indian human hair extensions. Indian hair is real human hair so it will most likely give you the natural flowing look you are looking for. Millions of women use human hair extensions to give them the confidence and comfort they need and want. Visit the Hair and Beauty Blog to help you keep up to the latest news and tips dealing with women and Indian hair extensions.

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