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Hair Extensions: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

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It’s difficult to find the perfect gift for the girl who has everything. These women tend to be highly fashionable but have very specific tastes, so it may be daunting or difficult to find clothing, jewelry, or cosmetics they’ll wear and cherish that are in your price range. Get creative this holiday season -- there are many reasons to purchase hair extensions for those women in your life, and chances are this gift will be a life-changing door to higher fashion for these fashionistas. Hair extensions are the perfect addition to any outfit to take them to the next level of class, giving gorgeous hair along with their well-tailored outfits. Here a few reasons why hair extensions may be the perfect gift this year.

Help for the Reluctant

Often women are interested in and intrigued by hair extensions, but they haven’t quite worked up the confidence to try them, even though extensions might make their lives easier and more convenient. They have many reasons for waiting – they can’t justify the expense, don’t want to take the time to figure out what type they need, or just haven’t taken the initiative. Gifted extensions will push them to follow through with trying something new, which will likely reap some long-term benefits.

Holiday Parties

You might consider giving the recipient extensions early, so she is able to long hairutilize the extensions for holiday parties throughout December and for New Year’s. Holiday parties tend to be the most glamorous of the year, and it will give your friend a chance to try them out for future spring and summer weddings. Evening parties tend to be the most kind to first-time extension users, in case they are self-conscious about wearing extensions in public the first time. The early dark evenings and candlelight parties will help ease those fears before gaining the confidence to wear extensions in the daylight.


Getting extensions can help boost confidence and encourage a friend or partner to hit refresh on their beauty routine. If you’ve got a friend who has had a hard year with relationships, work, or just life in general, extensions may help your friend feel fresh, new, and attractive again. Your friend will appreciate your sensitivity to her needs, and you may just give her something that will continue to be part of her beauty routine for years to come.
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