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Method Madness: What’s Your Hair Extension Install Style?

Buying and installing your weave, hair extensions, or wig is a big step. You have to select hair that fits you and the style you want, and get it installed in a way that you can reasonably maintain. Serious, serious stuff…until now! At this point, this blog has given you plenty of food for thought, including tips for choosing the best hair styles and colors for your face shape, hair type, and skin tone. But now, just for fun, we’re going to try something different: a quiz! Choose the answer that best fits you for each of the following six questions, and you should discover the best hair extensions and installation methods for you. So let’s get to it!

Question #1: How do you prefer to wear your hair?


  1. Feminine and sensible. A woman’s got to work, you know!
  2. Long and flirty. I stay modeltastic!
  3. Nothing too crazy, but long, thick hair is my thing. I like to enhance my look every now and then, too.
  4. Long, short, blue, blond, asymmetrical – it’s all good in my book!
  5. Stylish, but out of my way. I’ve got things to do, and can’t fuss with my hair all the time.
Question #2: Once you find a product or style that works for you, what do you do?
  1. Stick to it. Why mess with a good thing?
  2. Just wait; my stylist will tell me when something better hits the market. ;)
  3. Try it out, then mix-and-match with what I’ve already got. Things can always get better!
  4. Use it for a while, then on the next one. I love to experiment!
  5. Throw it on and get on with it!


Question #3: You’re headed out to a much-anticipated party. What do you wear?
  1. A nice little black dress with accessories that flatter me without being flashy.
  2. Couture all the way! What did Gautier show at Fashion Week?
  3. Something funky and trendy with a flash of color, but not too wild. I want to catch eyes, not draw stares!
  4. A lace body stocking and/or meat coat. Everyone will hate, but they’ll have to admit I look good.
  5. Whatever I can dance in the best, maybe jeans and a nice top. I came to get down!
Question #4: You’re at the party and notice a cute guy nearby. What do you do?
  1. Sit up straight, smile a lot, and hope he talks to me. I like to keep it classy and demure.
  2. Scoot over his way, flip my hair, and flirt a little. Why wait?
  3. Strike up an “innocent” conversation about the music, and see where things go. Fingers crossed!
  4. Go right up to him and start to dance. If he doesn’t go for it, so what?
  5. Just do my thing. I don’t have time for mind games!
Question 5: What is your approach to putting on makeup?
  1. Start with a solid foundation and go with a standard red lip, neutral eye, and subtle cheek.
  2. Smoke up the eyes, plump up the lips, and let the boys drool!
  3. Hmmm…I usually pick my best feature and play it up, but I’m open to new ideas.
  4. Cutting-edge; I’ll try anything once!
  5. Makeup? I might line my eyes or put on lipgloss once in a while, but makeup??...
Question #6: If you could change your hair any way you wanted, what would it look like?
  1. Thick, bouncy, shiny, and full of body. I loooove the healthy look.
  2. One word: Rapunzel! Gimme it down to there!
  3. Pretty much like my own hair, except maybe a little fuller or longer. That’s hot, IMO.
  4. What do you mean, “if” I could change my hair? Check my styles, kid!
  5. Self-maintaining, LOL. Seriously, whatever’s easiest.

Interpreting Your Answers

If your answers were:


Mostly “1”s, then you are probably a Weft Girl. You prefer to commit tothe tried-and true, especially when it comes to your hair pieces. You like the peace of mind that comes with knowing your hair weave is safe and secure on a base of braids that won’t come out any time soon! You prefer a natural look and a time-tested approach that won’t leave your hair slipping, ever. No glue for you! Try some of Perfect Locks’s hand- or machine-sewn wefts of hair extensions.


Mostly “2”s, it’s safe to say you’re a Fusion Chick. You love your hair long and flirty, and you’ll do whatever it takes for that high-end, eye-catching look. You’re willing to sacrifice in the name of beauty, so strand-by-strand fusion applications don’t bother you. As long as no one can tell your hair extensions aren’t growing from your head, you’re in heaven! Check out cold and hot fusion hair extensions from Perfect Locks.


Mostly “3”s, consider yourself a Clip-On Cleopatra. You like to change up your style, but not too much. The occasional injection of color, length, or fullness appeals to you because you like to enhance yourself – not reinvent yourself! You prefer subtle changes to dramatic ones and don’t have a lot of time for sewing or fusing in hair weaves, so take a look at all your style choices with clip-on ponytails, bangs, and hair extensions.


Mostly “4”s, you know you’re a Wig Woman. You don’t just think outside the box, you kick the box to the curb! You love to experiment with drastic style changes and hate to commit your own hair to any one look. Especially if you have a very busy lifestyle, your wigs are your secret weapon against hair boredom! Full and half-lace wigs allow you to change colors, lengths, and even textures swiftly and easily, so why not try a new one for the New Year?


Mostly “5”s, you proudly represent for the Bulk Hair Beauties. Down-to-earth and no-nonsense, you simply need hair that looks good without sapping too much of your time and energy from living the rest of your like. Whether working, taking care of home, or boogying down at a reggae room, you need your hair out of the way, and bulk hair is great for that. Box and micro braids are super looks for you and your busy schedule, as are tree-braid weaves that give you the look of weft extensions without the wefts.

Locked in on your style now? Good! Enjoy it, and happy holidays!

Take care of yourselves,


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