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Hair Damage and What it Means to You

There are many reasons that a woman may experience hair damage. Stress, over-processing, tension and heredity are all factors that can cause thinning, damage and balding. Hair damage can erode a woman's self confidence and her overall sense of beauty and self-worth. The key to getting past the effects of hair damage is to understand the causes of hair damage and the remedies available to cure the problem.

Its not your fault

Some causes of hair damage are hereditary, and are passed along in families. Androgenetic alopecia is a condition in which genetic factors cause women (and men) to suffer from hair damage and loss. Androgenetic alopecia is a progressive disorder, with the hair follicle thinning gradually until eventual permanent loss occurs. Treating androgenetic alopecia in its early stages is the best way to manage the condition and preserve the hair for as long as possible.

There are treatments available, from pills to creams, that can treat alopecia. In addition, thinning hair can be made to appear fuller with Indian remy hair extensions. Using clip on hair extensions, lace closure pieces and clip on bangs is a great way to cover problem spots and restore your confidence.

Damage can be reversible

In some cases, damage from years of over-processing, excessive heat and chemical treatments can be reversed. Using a clarifying shampoo once a month works wonders in removing heavy chemicals, oily buildup  and mineral deposits that can weigh down the hair. Have your hair washed, conditioned and trimmed professionally on a regular basis to repair damage before it gets worse.


Some women wear hair extensions to allow their natural hair to rest from styling products, heat and dyes for several months. Wearing human hair extensions while allowing your hair to recover from damage will also boost your self confidence and allow you to enjoy a great new look.

Hair damage can also be caused by anticoagulants, amphetamines, birth control pills and some medications used to treat bipolar disorder. These medications can be adjusted to stop the damage and restore your hair to its healthy state.

Hair damage does not have to erode your self confidence. Don't let hair damage deprive you of thick, long, perfect locks.

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