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Glamorous Hair from Jennifer Lopez

We’d expect nothing less than glamorous hair from Jennifer Lopez. With her perfect body, beautiful face, and amazing voice, it’s no surprise that her hair is on a level with all of them. But unlike these other fine attributes, it’s easy to achieve JLo’s hair with a bit of help from extensions. If only we could find an easy way to have her boobs too. We love so many of JLo’s looks, so it was difficult to narrow them down to just three of our favorites. Take a look for some serious hairspiration.

Long and Sleek

JLo long and sleek hair

This style is versatile for woman of many different ethnicities, because it combines a neutral but glamorous color and just a bit of texture. Lighten your natural hair with the help of a stylist prior to getting your colored Indian hair extensions in the same color. If your hair has a lot of texture, you might also consider a relaxer. You’ll want to make sure your natural hair texture is the same as the extensions. Weave in extensions in layers to create the fullness, length, and body. This style also looks beautiful pulled back in a high ponytail, or in a messy braid.

Big Volume

JLo big volume hair

Again, the texture and color of this hairstyle make it versatile for different ethnicities. This look gives ultra texture and volume that is sure to turn heads. The loose curls are mostly done with a flatiron or curling iron, though a body wave perm might help achieve them if you want a similar style on a daily basis. Curly colored Indian hair extensions add volume and texture. Again, make sure your extensions match the color and texture of your hair so they look natural and glamorous. Finish off the look with light, natural makeup. The hair is the stunning piece of this look. Wear simple accessories, such as JLo’s sleek sunglasses.

Glamorous Curls

JLo glamorous curls

Pump up the glam with this sleek, slightly darker style that’s especially great for the colder months. Use extensions such as a our Volumizer for volume, and longer pieces would also be gorgeous if you prefer. After extensions are in, curl hair by twisting it through a flat iron to create the long, loose pieces. Add dimension with a few curls done with the curling iron. If you’ve got a glamorous event to wear this look to, be sure to style your makeup on the same level. Countouring, lashes, natural lips, and bronzers shine.
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