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Girls Night Out: Tips for the Most Fabulous Girls’ Night Ever

Happy Saturday Lockettes! Everyone knows that girls’ night is a fantastic time to look your best and get out on the town. Whether you’re single or taken, girls’ night out is a fun time to be with friends and enjoy some of the female companionship that is so important to us in our adult lives. It’s also a great excuse to get a new dress, try a new makeup look, or alter your hair in a dramatic way. Most likely there will be other women out and about, so it’s a great excuse to look at what they’re wearing and consider looks and items you’d like to infuse into your own beauty routine. Here are a few of our favorites.
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Obviously we love extensions here, and girls’ night is a great time to try them out for the first time. You’ll be with a group of friends who understand the lengths women must go to in order to be fashionable, so there will be less pressure than if you were on a date. Ask your friends’ advice while picking out hair extensions like clip on volumizers, and they’ll be thrilled to be part of your first evening taking the extensions on the town.

Mink Lashes

Mink lashes are a beautiful item that adds high impact to any look. Try these out for the first time when you’re with your lady friends, and you’ll likely get tons of compliments on how stunning your eyes look – just the confidence you need to wear them out on a date, where the beauty of your eyes will matter most. Take a bit of time to practice putting them on, and be sure to get natural glue that will hold them on without being distracting. Glam up the rest of your eyes with liner, smoky eye shadow, and sculpted brows to give your look its best impact.

Daring Dresses

Girls’ night is a great time to test out that sexy dress you’ve been working up the confidence to wear. When you’re out with your best friends, they can tell you the honest truth about whether or not it will work for you on a date night, and their voices of encouragement could give you the confidence you need to feel good the next time you wear it. Girlfriends are tremendously important in our lives – it’s time to celebrate them!
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