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Gifts that Pamper: Mother's Day is from the Heart

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Mother's Day is almost here! What do you have planned for your mom? She deserves all the love in the world, which means it's time to pamper her of course! Don't let Mother's Day pass you by without making your mom feel truly special. If you're not sure what to give her or how to make her feel beautiful, you can take her out for brunch, have a mother daughter makeover, go on an adventurous hike, or have her hair styled with hair extensions. She'll love this Mother's Day in particular more than any other holiday of the year!

Makeover & Hairstyle

Make Mother's Day a long all day event by beginning with a makeover and afterwards getting your hair done together. Having a makeover done by one of your favorite makeup companies that your mom has been wanting to try will make her day. After your makeup is perfect get her hair styled too at a Dry Bar or make an appointment in advance with your hair stylist. If she desires the extra length or would like some additional volume have her try virgin clip ons. Clip ons will be ideal for her because she can easily put them in and take them out later.

A Beautiful Brunch Outdoors

Now that your makeup is done and your hair is stunning it's time to treat her more! Take her out to brunch and if the weather is nice sit outside where you can enjoy nature. Catch up on everything you've been meaning to tell her and of course allow her to order whatever she would like. Brunch is also a great place to invite other family members. Once everyone is there you can take pictures and remember this momentous occasion.

Movie Night

Later on after you have caught up with family and spent quality time with your mom, take her a movie. This will give her the chance to get all dressed up if she'd like or you can stay casual and wear a simple yet classy outfit that compliments your hair and makeup. Take her to a movie that she wants to see and if she wants a snack buy her some popcorn and her favorite candy bar. Or, better yet, take her to a theater that serves you while you're watching the film. Mother's Day will be a day to spend quality time with your mom and pamper her with hair extensions and more!

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