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Get Rid of Oily Bangs and While You're at it - Invest in Clip on Bangs!

During the spring and summer time bangs are extremely high maintenance due to the added heat and wetness that comes with these seasons. However, during the fall and winter time bangs are just as high maintenance too! Why, might you ask? Well, the culprit is a single word: oil. Oil unfortunately takes away from perfectly kept bangs and threatens to ruin our gorgeous hairstyles too. Instead of letting oil get the best of you though, fight back! Here's how:

The first thing you must consider is that bangs may not be for you. If you have an oily scalp, oily skin, or work out constantly, bangs are going to be hard to keep up with. Plus, if you're not patient with styling them day after day you're going to get frustrated and quickly.  Having bangs not be for you - but our clip on bangs may be! If you currently have bangs that you're trying to grow out or simply want a nice alternative when your bangs are not working in your favor, try implementing our clip on bangs with your real bangs. Not to brag, but our clip on bangs are pretty cool. ;)

Okay so back to your real bangs! If you currently have bangs or are considering getting them, keep in mind that since your bangs are right in front of your face, that they are going to be hard not to touch. However, you have oil in your skin so every time you touch your bangs, they will start to gather up the oil and eventually separate and look clumpy and well, huh, not their greatest. We know it's hard, but don't touch your bangs! The longer you can leave them alone, the better they will look. Try instead brushing them with a boar's hair brush throughout the day. This will help keep the oil away and help you feel better that you can play with your bangs and tidy them up, without using your hands and fingers. Use a brush to distribute the oils from your scalp throughout the day and maintain healthy tresses!

If you don't enjoy washing your hair every day that's understandable, however with bangs you should shampoo your bangs daily so that they don't l0ok like an oily mess. Shampoo your bangs daily and do not condition them. Adding more oil to them is a big no no! The shorter your hair is (i.e. bangs), the more it works hard to protect itself. Bangs have a natural keratin that protects itself from damaging heat and other products that may harm it. Therefore you don't need conditioner that often on your bangs. Spare them from accumulating more oil!

If you're still struggling with having oily bangs, you might try having bangs when it's not muggy and hot outside or only if you live in a cooler climate. Battling your bangs when it is warm outside is difficult, and not to mention very frustrating! Dry shampoo and incorporating our clip on bangs will definitely help, but if all else fails don't have bangs. Or decide to only use our clip on bangs! ;) Discover what works best for you and find a cut and style that makes you feel confident - bangs and all!

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