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Get Katy Perry's 2013 Grammy's Hair in Minutes!

Katy Perry’s 2013 Grammy's hair look was one of our favorites of the evening – and everything else she wore for that matter.  Do you think a few rounds of Insanity would give us that body?!  Anyway, focusing on her hair, we’re fairly certain Ms. Perry had a bit of help achieving such thick luscious looking strands and the Perfect Locks volumizer is the perfect way for you to achieve this look in minutes!

katy perry 2013 grammy's hair look

This works provided your hair is at least chin length or longer.  Prep your hair by flat ironing to straighten.  Our Perfect Locks Silk Serum is a great heat protectant that does as its name suggests and silkens your strands and adds shine.  Katy’s hair at the 2013 Grammy's was especially silky and shiny, so add a few drops of as a heat protectant and to give you the perfect smooth shiny hair.  Next, part your hair from ear to ear in the middle of your head.  Clip the front out of the way.  Grab your Perfect Locks volumizer in straight texture.  If you have fine hair, tease the back section a bit to help the clips of the volumizer to have a better grip for added security.  Clip the top of the piece to your hair as close to the scalp as you can place it.  Pull your real hair through the holes of the volumizer and then add the clips along the perimeter of your hair.  Release the front half of your hair and comb your hair down to blend.  Add a center part and add a few curls with a large 2” curling iron for body.  Finish the style by brushing the curls through.  If you have any frizziness, apply one more drop of our Silk Serum to add a final polishing touch.

Don’t forget to wear a daring, eye-catching outfit to match your perfectly volumized ‘do!

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