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Four Celebrities with A-List Hair Extensions

It’s true that most celebrities are born with some really good genes, but there are lots of enhancements they undergo on top of the good genes to help look their best everywhere, all the time. Some celebrities do have their own natural, flowing locks, but you may be surprised how many choose to get glamorous through the use of hair extensions. Even if a celebrity like Kim Kardashian does have naturally gorgeous hair, she’s been known to turn to extensions to increase the length of her hair. Here a few beauty icons who may just turn to extensions to magnify their beauty:

Taylor Swift


While there’s no conclusive evidence that Taylor Swift achieves her iconic, full, gorgeous hair through extensions, some pictures of her exist with much thinner hair than we’re used to. It’s hard to imagine that anyone could have genes that good. Regardless of whether or not her hair relies on extensions, one thing is for sure – it’s possible for the average woman to achieve Taylor-like hair through extensions.

Kim Kardashian


Kim has naturally healthy, luxurious hair that any woman would long for, but the many different hairstyles of Kim Kardashian have shown that she does, indeed, rely on extensions to give her extra length and boost. It’s very difficult in today’s styles to achieve a red-carpet look without at least a little help from extensions. Her extensions look so natural that it’s hard not to envy her, but with the right color, length, and texture of extensions, her hair can come off the red carpet and in front of your mirror.

Jennifer Hudson


Who doesn’t love Jennifer Hudson? That girl has overcome so much and managed to look fabulous in spite of the difficulties in her personal journey. In addition to hard hard work at weight-loss, she is truly an inspiration for her strength and beautiful character. Jennifer has sported many gorgeous red-carpet looks, including custom weaves. Her gorgeous hair only enhances the beauty that glows within her.

Miley Cyrus


It may be hard to imagine with her current ‘do, but a past version (the Miley we loved so much) of her sported long, wavy locks. Full of shine, body, and beauty, Miley’s hair could be envied by little girls and grown-ups alike. From straight to curly to glorious waves, we kind of miss the innocent, girlish locks Miley once wore.
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