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Fix Up Your Face and and Feel Fabulous and Beautiful During the Weekend!

It's the weekend and it's time to relax, kick back, and maybe have some fun too. What do you have going on this weekend? Here at Perfect Locks we're excited for the weekend too, which includes sunshine and happiness. :)

Part of enjoying the weekend is not only feeling great, but looking great too. When was the last time you checked over your makeup? Sometimes it is easy to forget about cleaning sponges, brushes, and other makeup accessories. Have you done that lately? Dirty brushes, etc. are a huge cause of breakouts and skin impurities. To prevent this from happening, keep makeup accessories clean and you will have a clear face! There are other ways to improve your makeup and look wonderful too - read on to find out more.

Investing in quality makeup is also important. Basically what you buy effects your skin in a big way. The cheaper the makeup, the less quality it is. Some brand names are the exception, and we're not telling you to say no to all drugstore beauty brands, but high quality makeup is naturally better for your skin. So do your homework and find a quality brand name that works well with your complexion.

Taking care of your eyes is also very important. Be sure to use makeup that is kind to your eyes, which means making sure that it is hypoallergenic if your skin breaks out. This also means cutting back on the smoky eye look. Yes - we know that it's fun to put a lot of dark makeup on your eyes, especially during the weekend, but every time you have to remove the heavy makeup, we guarantee it's hard on your skin. Don't forget to remove your eye makeup at the end of the day with quality eye makeup remover to keep the skin around your eyes healthy and moisturized. This will also prevent wrinkles and keep your looking your best as you age over time.

Do you have a pale complexion? Don't be afraid to add some blush, which will make you glow and will create a healthy look. You might also want to consider bronzer, which is another great makeup accessory to own. Both bronzer and blush are excellent beauty products to use on your face for a daily healthy glow that you will love.

Now that you have some beauty tips for the weekend, it's time to apply them! Style your hair aka hair extensions, have some fun this weekend, and look your best, from the inside out.

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