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Black Makeup Tips: Finding the Right Makeup for Your Dark Skin Tone

If you're blessed with beautiful dark skin there's no doubt that you look fabulous with many makeup looks, including bright lipsticks and gorgeous eyeliners. But besides just color, it's important to find foundation and other makeup products that will work well with your skin tone. You also can pull off light colors too - there's so much to experiment with on your dark skin!

Once you master the look that looks and feels great for you, you'll enjoy applying your makeup and feeling confident showing off your every day makeup. Whether you're at the office, job hunting, or are out and about basking in the sun, there's different makeup for different occasions. The key is to find what works best for you and stick with it!

  • Finding foundation with a water base is good for dark skinned women. It is known to works well with your skin tone. Plus, if your foundation has a hint of bronze in it this will also look stunning - it will make your skin look healthy and radiant. It will make you look like you are glowing all the time!
  • Need a cover-up stick for those pesky blemishes? If you're unsure what color works best to cover up zits and more, go to a beauty supply store and ask them to apply makeup on your scars or blemishes. You'll be able to successfully match the makeup to your skin tone and find out what brand name you like the best. Keep in mind that you should go a shade darker then your foundation color. To figure out what this shade is, you can also put a dab of makeup on the inside of your arm. If it matches or is nearly identical to your skin color you've most likely found the right shade.
  • Compact or translucent powder works well at setting your foundation, but if you like more of a natural look you can go with either a foundation or powder only. Powder is used more for the top coat of your makeup, but many brands develop foundation as a one-step makeup look for your face as well, so just do your research and ask questions. Once you've found a quality foundation and powder that matches your skin tone, now it's time to move on to eye makeup and more to add to your fab look.
  • Pink and brown eyeliner or eyeshadow is best for the day time for dark skinned ladies, especially if you go to work every day. Black, brown, and grey eyeliner will show up the best underneath your eyes because of your skin tone and will certainly add to a glam look too! For a night time makeup look that's glamorous, opt for colorful eyeliner and bright eyeshadow. Not only is it trendy and in style right now, but it will look great applied on your eyes that's a part of your stunning dark complexion!
  • For blush go for darker shades such as dark pinks and browns. You want the color to be set a part from your foundation and powder, so work hard at finding a shade that works best for your skin tone.
  • The same beauty "rules" apply for your lipstick and lip color. Keep it conservative and light during the day time, which includes light pinks and browns. For the weekend and week nights, feel free to have fun! This means you can apply maroon and deep brown lip colors. It's time to have fun with your makeup look and outfit!

Beauty isn't only about finding the right makeup to match your complexion, it's about your attitude as well. You set the trends and discover what's right for you. You get to decide the look you love. So style your hair, find the right foundation and apply it to your dark skin tone, put on some dark brown lipstick, and have a great day! Your makeup look is bound to turn heads. ;) We hope you're having a great Monday!

-Perfect Locks

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