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Finding the Right Hair Dryer

It is amazing how many women do everything in their power to get a great looking head of hair and then ruin it by using the wrong hair dryer. Spending hundreds of dollars on top salon haircuts, expensive styling products, and famous shampoos and conditioners is absolutely worthless if the woman will then fry her hair using a twenty dollar blow dryer. This guide should help woman understand the differences between the various models of hair dryers on the market and know which features to look for before making a new purchase.

The single most important feature in any hair dryer is the heating element that powers the device. The cheaper models will often use plastic or metal elements that get extremely hot and blast the head with uneven jets of scalding air. In essence, this type of machine will actually cook the hair, hence the burning smell that often comes after a few short seconds of aiming the dryer at the head. The right hair dryer will have a ceramic heating element. With ceramics, the heat is distributed evenly and then passes that heat to the head in a radiant manner, meaning that there is less actually force of the hair and more natural heat. The top models will have tourmaline or other special ingredients in the ceramic to balance the level of heat.

If the heating element is the most important concern, the the second is surely whether the blow dryer is based on Ionic drying. This seemingly scientific concern is actually very practical. Inferior models of blow dryers use positive ions that damage the hair cuticle by breaking them open. This is what causes the frizzy appearance and the matte finish instead of a healthy shine. In contrast, the better blow dryers are based on a system that uses negative ions and are classified with the Ionic label. With this type of device, the cuticle stays in the scalp and continues to hold the hair together. This means that the dryer will not cause the individual hairs to split or fray, with the end result being that the hair will have natural volume and a balanced look.

There are other considerations that play a part in a good hair dryer, but they are ultimately less important than the question of the heating element and the Ionic label. Having a decent number of setting is important for a woman that has an extreme hair type. In addition, availability of styling attachments may be important for women that have complex hairstyles. If a woman truly cares about her hair, then she should be willing to invest the money in a quality blow dryer that will leave her hair looking the same as the day she walked out of the salon. In the long run, these devices will have a longer life and the difference in price if often very little when the expense of replacing cheap models is taken into account. A woman doesn't have to spend several hundreds of dollars to get the top of the line salon hair dryer, but she should cough up a little dough to get a device that works to make the hair look good.

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