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Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

Don’t lose hair over hair loss! Yes, stress is said to be a big factor for people losing their hair. However, on an average, at least 100 strands of hair fall out every day. A hair strand has a life span of 4.5 years. It falls out after that period only to be replaced by a new strand within six months. In case you are experiencing significant hair loss, a receding hairline or hairless patches on your scalp, it is advisable to visit the doctor. You need not feel dejected about hair loss. Until your medical condition is resolved, you can always opt for hair extensions.

Women, in general, like using hair extensions since it changes the way they look and imparts volume, shine and bounce to the hair, thus enhancing their overall glamour quotient. Hair extensions are also a blessing to those women who do not want their hair to be damaged by color. By attaching colored hair extensions, you can stand (or should I say strand) out and not worry about hair damage. The best kinds of hair extensions are human hair extensions and they come in a variety of texture and color.

2 Types of Hair Extensions

There is a baffling array of choices in the market when it comes to hair extensions. Human hair extensions are the best since no synthetic fiber can give you the natural look and feel of human hair. The extensions will blend into your natural hair and give you the desired length and style.

Even within human hair extensions there are two choices - Remy or Non Remy hair. The former has the cuticle intact and facing the same direction. Therefore, Remy hair falls and curves in one direction like your natural hair. Non Remy hair does not contain the cuticle. It requires more maintenance as it tends to get frizzy. However, Non Remy hair offers cost advantage over the Remy variety. Make your choice depending on your purpose, longevity of use, cleanliness habits, maintenance and the money in your pocket.

Facts to be Kept in Mind While Buying Human Hair Extensions

Be sure to purchase the hair extensions with 100% human hair. (Some companies try to save costs by adding animal or synthetic hair to indian hair extensions.) Most importantly, you need to be sure to match the texture, color and style of your natural hair with your extensions.

For successful hair extension assimilation, you need to ensure that the accessory blends well with your natural hair. Lots of your favorite celebs do the same. Some famous ‘extenders’ are Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton, Halle Berry, Janet Jackson, Beyonce Knowles and style queen, Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham.

Once you have decided on the hair extension to purchase, you need to decide on how you want them attached. There are lots of methods which you can do yourself and some that require professional assistance. The most easily available method is the clip on.

DIY Tips for Hair Extensions

Clip on hair extensions come in long tracks, the maximum length being 18 inches. Follow these steps to clip it on your hair:

  1. Measure the scalp area where you want to attach the hair extensions.
  2. Cut out the track according to the measurements; attach a claw clip with adhesive.
  3. Tease the hair where you want to clip it and just clip in the extension.
  4. Cover the clips with your hair so they don’t show. It is advisable to get similar colored clips.
  5. Make sure the adhesive dries before you attach the extensions.

Be sure you take the hair extensions off before going to bed. You can use hair extensions again and again; just keep them untangled and clean. It’s a small investment for all the glamour and glitz it can offer. Long hair is a style that can never betray.

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