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Embracing Spring Time Hairdos

With spring time comes it is time to embrace new hair styles, and this also includes wearing outfits that are lighter in color and that will keep you cooler. Since the days and weather are unpredictable because some days will bring warm while some will still being cool, it's nice to wear hair styles that accommodate both warmer and cooler weather.

If you're used to wearing the same style, why not switch it up? Here are some spring hair styles that we love and we think you can definitely incorporate these styles into your everyday hair look too.

The "Katniss" Braid

Have you seen The Hunger Games yet? Since this film has taken the entertainment world by storm everyone is dying to have a perfect Katniss braid. So this is what we shall call it in the remainder of this post - "Katniss braid." Braids are great for the spring time and will show off your love for the film The Hunger Games simultaneously. Plus there are several different braids to try out! Why not do a French braid; inside out french braid, or another braid that you adore?

If you care to stick with a classic Katniss side braid you'll need to braid your hair to the side and make sure it ends up situated around your shoulder. Also make it lose so that it looks natural and woodsy. This style will not only feel comfy, but it will cover your shoulder, keeping you warm when it gets cooler in the evenings. Plus it will keep the hair out of your eyes should you need to defend yourself and be a heroine like Katniss. :)

Curls and Braids Combined

A very whimsical and feminine look is having flower elements in your locks with a braid incorporated. You can do a half French braid or do a slight braid at the crown of your head, which will look lovely. Plus, as we mentioned, having your hair down will help with extra warmth on your shoulders and head if it should rain during the spring time.

Curl your hair extensions with a curling iron but be careful - you don't want to burn your precious locks! If you love having curly locks most of the time you should consider buying our wavy hair extensions, such as the Wavy Virgin Indian Hair Extensions, that will keep your hair wavy for as long as you want it to be!

Embrace Messy Hair

Since you are going to be super busy having fun in the great outdoors (when it isn't raining in April that is), why not embrace messy hair? Creating a sweet and simple updo ought to do the trick. If you should run into a thunder bumper or two it won't be the end of the world if your hair gets wet, because it's already fashionably messy!

Updos are fun to create. You can incorporate braids, followed by gathering the hair on top of your head and creating a stylish bun. Or - you can go for a lose look with only certain pieces of hair tucked into your ponytail, creating a messy and chic look that you will adore.

Spring time brings endless of possibilities, laughter, and bliss now that the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining more often. So enjoy yourself and style your hair how you prefer. Whether it's a Katniss braid, half braid and curls, or a messy updo, you will look lovely this spring. Now it's time to find that perfect outfit to go with your perfect locks.

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