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Easy and Stylish Ponytail How-To's

twisted ponytailLucky for you, the ponytail is back and just in time for summer! Wearing a ponytail in your hair during summer is chic and this look can be styled in so many ways! You can also use our Clip On Human Hair Ponytail for added volume and length. Wear your pony straight, high, low, textured, and sleek. Ponytails are versatile and go with any outfit. Here are two quick how-to's on how to wear the perfect pony:

Twisted Pony

A twisted and textured pony reminds us of a chignon, but is has a lot more sass. For this ponytail keep your extensions curly, and if you have naturally curly hair use some light hair gel to define your curls. Gather your hair at your crown, twist it, and pin the twist where you'd like it. Once your twist is all pinned, continue to pull more hair back. Twist the hair to the right and continue to pin your hair, so that you have a big twist that goes down the back of your head.

Don't be afraid of body and curl with this ponytail hair do' and secure the pony at the bottom part of your head. When this pony is secure, feel free to muss it up with your fingers for some added elegance. Whether it is a low mohawk ponytailor high ponytail (low is better since it looks more natural with the twist curly tresses), a twisted pony is a great style to wear during a wedding, retreat, and other special events!

Mohawk and Pony Combo

If you're looking for something just a tad more sassy than your every day pony, try the mohawk and pony combo! Meet the edgiest pony yet that will definitely catch everyone's eye.

To get this edgy look, start with straight hair. There will be a total of three sections of hair on your head. First you'll need a rectangular part on your head for the front of the mohawk, and you can get this by drawing a straight line from the arch of each eyebrow. Then continue the straight line all the way back to the crown of the head. Back comb it a bit for volume and secure this section with a clip.

To create the first part of your pony mohawk, use your fingers to roll the hair from the center part you created onto itself into a large, cylindrical pincurl. Secure this section with bobby pins. Next, repeat the rolling and teasing process on the left and right side section of your hair, and continue to pin. As you pin your hair, loosen the roll a bit so that it blends in with the front roll.

You're almost done! After all of the hair on your head is rolled and pinned, wrap a small section of hair around the ponytail and secure it with a pin. Your mohawk pony is now complete and this sassy look will look fierce and fabulous simultaneously.

What perfect pony are you going to try first? Head to our YouTube channel to see some of our hair extensions incorporated with your perfect ponytail hairstyle.

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