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Timeline Tuesday: Get Inspired by Dy-no-mite 1970s Hairstyles

Timeline Tuesday is a continuing series, looking back at hairstyles and trends of the past, to draw inspiration for the future. Check in every Tuesday for style ideas that build on retro looks to create new profiles, and get how-to instructions and tips every Thursday.

From the streets to the disco halls to the halls of high schools and colleges, the 1970s were a time of change. For women and minorities, a new era of freedom started to emerge on the horizon. For nearly everyone in America, old values and ideas were being challenged, and the styles of the decade definitely reflected this. The younger generation took the free-love idealism of the 60s and added a bit more structure, to create the fun, yet still put-together looks of the 70s - like these!

The Mighty, Mighty Afro

The touchstone for 70s hair styles. With the strides of the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 60s, many African Americans discovered a newfound sense of pride in their culture and identity. Inspired by the Black Power movement – as well as celebrities like Pam Grier and even Diana Ross - these men and women rocked righteous Afros, picked to the highest heights, to show their solidarity and self-esteem.

Looking to update this look? Experiment with texture, and accessorize!

Bowl Cuts

Also known as the pageboy haircut, Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill thrust this hairstyle into the spotlight in the late 70s. The short, sassy, and almost-even cut stayed out of the way and proved low-maintenance for active women, but also moved gorgeously as she twirled and jumped, inspiring even some men to take up their bowls. Different lengths and layers can achieve different effects on this hair style, taking it into the 21st century, as can playing with streaks of color.

The Farrah Fawcett Phenomenon

Next to the Afro, probably the hair style most associated with the 1970s. The late Farrah Fawcett-Majors burst onto the style scene in Charlie’s Angels, sporting layered, feathered, highlighted, and flipped lengths that sent women sprinting to their nearest salons for “Farrah Fawcett hair”. Even today, this look remains popular, with less voluminous versions popping up on red carpets often.

Two Takes on Long Locks

There’s just one word to capture it: Bradies. Long hairstyles were definitely in, in the 70s, and the older daughters of The Brady Bunch, Marcia and Jan, definitely reflected this. The two wore very different – but equally iconic – takes on the long hairstyles of the 1970s.

For Marcia, the more-popular eldest, bone-straight and parted down the middle was the way to go; the classic profile framed her face nicely, and can still be a great low-key look.

Jan, on the other hand, sported a more high-maintenance coif, with the crown of her hair swept back, most of her mane loose and straight, and a few spiral curls hanging near the ear, or sideburn, area. These signature side curls were often imitated in other 70s hairstyles, whether topknots, buns, or ponytails, so maybe Jan wasn’t always second-best, after all!

No jive – these 1970s hair styles aren’t all that hard to update. So stay tuned for Thursday’s article, for tips.

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