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Dry Skin? No Problem! Try an Avocado and Orange Juice Face Mask

It' s the fall time and your skin is dry. Already. Isn't it frustrating?! Even though you're dealing with dry skin that is itchy, flaky, and downright annoying, there are special masks that you can make to counteract this problem! Are you ready? Here's a recipe and information about it that will help you get your smooth skin back. Moisturize it and go!

Oh, and remember that this will work well for you all fall and winter long if your skin gets dry again. It's important to moisturize your face through the colder seasons so that it won't become too dry, which will only make it harder to manage.

This mask will help exfoliate your skin, which will allow your dry skin to dissipate and make way for new and vibrant skin growth. Avocados come with excellent nutrients and oranges have plenty of vitamin C, which makes both of these fruits wonderful to use on your skin.

In particular, avocados help eliminate dead and dry skin and will help open up your pores, getting rid of any dirt that may be built up inside of them. Orange juice is fantastic for skin that suffers from acne as well because it will help clear up your current breakouts and it will also exfoliate your skin simultaneously.

Enough talk about these great fruits, though. It's time to create a mask that contains honey as well, which is another great ingredient that will help soothe a sunburn if you have one and also treat acne. Together honey, orange juice, and avocado make a fantastic face mask team. 

Here is the recipe and this is what you will need:

1.  3 tbsp of avocado

2. 1 tsp of honey

3.  50 milliliters of orange juice

4.  a few drops of oil like chamomile

Method of Preparation:

1. Find a bowl and blend the ingredients together.

2. Gently apply the mixture to your face and your neck with your fingers.

3. Leave the mask on your face for a half an hour.

4. Rinse your face and pat it dry with a warm wash cloth.

Now your face should feel revitalized and ready to greet the day acne free! Use this mask throughout the cold months for an instant revitalization tool when your skin is feeling dry, broken out, and irritated.

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