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Dress Up Your Style with Trendy Bracelets

Indian bangles and jewelry are stunning this season and are a great asset to your new hair extensions. One particular bracelet that you might of heard of is the bangle bracelet. An interesting fact is that in the past bangles mainly were made out of glass, but today are made out of plastic and metal. Now they also come in a variety of shapes including a heart, triangle, square and star. In addition to different shapes, bangle bracelets have transformed into multiple bracelets styles for different occasions such as cuff, rope, and vintage styles. Not to mention sports’ bracelets and charm bracelets as well, which have also joined the bracelet family.

indian bangles elizabeth hoskinson Dress Up Your Style with Trendy Bracelets

Indian Bangles

Whether you are into wearing jeans and a tee or an elegant dress, Indian bangles can transform a drab outfit into something fabulous. Due to their color and pizazz, pairing these brightly colored bracelets with black slacks or a black dress is appropriate so you don’t overwhelm your outfit with too many bright colors. When adding these bracelets to your outfit, they will brilliantly shine, putting emphasis on their color and attitude.

ropebracelets1 460x460 Dress Up Your Style with Trendy Bracelets

Rope Bracelets

Another bracelet trend that is worth investing in is wearing a rope inspired bracelet. This look can come across very nautical, but can easily be paired with a contemporary look, depending on the style you are looking for a certain event. The rope bracelets you are viewing to the right also have a tie dyed effect, allowing the buyer to choose from multiple colors to go with their targeted style.

washercharmbracelet2 Dress Up Your Style with Trendy Bracelets

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are yet another hot fashion trend in the jewelry industry. Depending on your likes and interests, you can find charm bracelets that sport charms related to your favorite hobby, beauty interests,  best music artists, and more. Charm bracelets sound magical as the sweet charms clang against one another, creating a harmonious noise.

There are countless of other bracelet styles that may fit your wardrobe and your new hair do, however this gives you a wonderful glimpse into the bracelet fashion world. Depending on the look you are going for, there are many bracelets to choose from to go with your fabulous new hair extensions. We hope you love embracing your new jewelry as much as your fabulous hair extensions!