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Don't Let the Winter Zap the Moisture Out of Your Hair!

During the winter time it's hard keeping your hair in excellent condition. You're battling against cold temps and depending on the climate you live in, dry air may be another element you have to go up against. Your hair may start to feel and look damaged and that's never a good thing.

However, there are ways to keep your hair looking its best during the winter months. You might begin by staying away from places that overheat your locks and flat irons that you shouldn't be turning up as much as you usually do. It's important to protect your hair! Just remember that every small action helps keep your hair looking beautiful.

Watch Out for the Fireplace -

Even though it's tempting to stay by the fireplace all day if you work at home, don't do it because it will dry out your hair. Even if you come home and relax by the fire after working in an office, stay a good distance away. You can still stay warm without sitting right by the fire.

Just like a hair dryer, a fireplace will take all of the moisture out of your hair and give you split ends that you'll have to deal with come springtime. Yes, you can enjoy the fireplace as you sit back and read a good book, but just make sure you do it at a good distance. Your hair depends on it.

Stay Away from Wool Hats -

Did you know that wool hats don't have any breathing space for your hair? Wool is generally used for coats to keep a body warm and it also keeps your head warm when you wear a wool hat and venture outside. However, it also dries out your locks. Without the breathing space that's needed for your hair to get moisture, your hair becomes trapped inside a hat.

So how do you prevent your hair from drying out? So what you need to do is either put a soft scarf within your hat before putting it on, or only wear hats every so often. Even a base ball cap or trendy hat with sweet elements can dry out your hair. Even though you may not get out as much during the cold months, this doesn't mean cover your hair all of the time! Keep your hair moisturized and pretty even when it's during the winter time!

Keep Your Hair Moisturized All Winter Long!!

Since the winter gives you less light and more darkness, it's important to take extra precaution when it comes to your hair. This means spending more time moisturizing it and taking more time caring for it. Go to your hair stylist and ask them what they recommend for your hair. Don't rush out and buy the product that smells the best or has the best reviews. The secret is to find a long standing deep hair conditioner that will keep your hair gorgeous all winter long.

When the spring time arrives everyone will ask you how you kept your hair in great condition. Don't give away your beauty secrets, but DO send them to our blog! :) Oh and send us a tweet too - we love tweeting with you!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm, but not too warm because you don't want the moisture to disappear from your stunning locks!

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