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Don’t Cause Damage By Wearing Your Weave Too Long!

wearing your weave too longOne of the problems with wearing quality human hair extensions is that they never look bad if you care for them properly.   Good problem to have, right?  Let me explain - back in the day, with beauty supply store hair, women judged when their weaves needed to be taken out by how it looked.  The hair became stringy or lost its luster, or the shedding and tangling was unbearable.   You will face neither issue while wearing Perfect Locks hair extensions, which means you cannot gauge your weave’s expiration date by how your hair looks.

Sew in weaves will last about 8-10 weeks before they should be taken down.  With average growth you will have 1-1.5 inches of growth in this time, possibly more.  As your hair grows, the looseness between your scalp and where the hair has been sewn will place tension and stress on your hair, which can lead to breakage.  Also if you have been washing and conditioning your hair regularly while wearing the weave, your hair expanded and contracted each time it was wet and dried.  If you leave it braided for too long, your real hair may become matted and knotted; remember some people begin locs by braiding their hair.  If this happens it will lead to extreme breakage while trying to detangle during the take down process.

Weaves are great styles to help ladies protect and even grow their real hair to great lengths, but leaving them in too long will cause more harm than good.

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