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DIY Metallic Eyeliner – Create Dazzling Eyes in a Flash!

If you’d like to create a bold summer look that will look dynamite with your locks, metallic eyeliner is the perfect way to do it. Learn how to create a fabulous metallic eyeliner look and enjoy having fashion-forward eye makeup. What we love about metallic eyeliner is that you can wear it during a day time event or night time event depending on the occasion. Plus, it will highlight your eyes and make them look very dramatic. Want to learn how to get this alluring metallic eye look? Keep reading…

metallic crayons DIY Metallic Eyeliner   Create Dazzling Eyes in a Flash!

Step 1 : Makeup {aka Eyeshadow and Eyeliner}

There are different types of eyeshadow that you can use to accomplish your dazzling eye look.

metallic eyeliner 2 DIY Metallic Eyeliner   Create Dazzling Eyes in a Flash!

1. Find a regular eyeliner that’s black, brown, or another basic color + glitter eyeshadow
2. Glitter eyeliner
3. Glitter eyeshadow

Step 2: Application

1. Now that you have your eyeliner and glitter eyeshadow, keep it out. You are going to apply your regular eyeliner + glitter eyeshadow together on your eye lids.

sparkle shadow 256x300 DIY Metallic Eyeliner   Create Dazzling Eyes in a Flash!After you apply your regular eyeshadow, let it dry. Then, apply glitter eyeshadow on top of it. You also might want to use a shadow base if you want your shadow to stay on for a longer period of time.

2. Next up is glitter eyeliner. Apply this underneath your eyelids, on top of your eyelids, and experiment and have fun with it, like in the picture below.

3. Now find your glitter eyeshadow. You’ll want to wet an eyeshadow brush and mix it with a tiny bit of glitter eyeshadow. Now you can apply this mixture in various ways as well.

Step 3: How to make this sparkly look come alive on your eyes:

To specifically apply your top and bottom liner, line both the top and bottom part of your lash lines. This also includes your inner lashlines, which is known as the waterlines. Fill this part in with black or metallic eyeliner too.

Solo Liner:

If you’d prefer to just go with the top or bottom part of your lash lines, that’s fine too. If you decide to go with the top only, you can extend the liner and create a winged line for a dramatic look!

Double Liner: 

metallic eyeliner 1 DIY Metallic Eyeliner   Create Dazzling Eyes in a Flash!

However, if you stick with double liner, line your top lashline with your black or brown eyeliner (black will look better because it’s darker and it will define your eyes more). After you apply your top and bottom lashline with black eyeliner, now it’s time to apply the glitter version right above it.

Now you’ve created dazzling eyes! Aren’t you excited to go out and show off your look?! Don’t forget to make your hair look amazing in an updo or maybe you’ll want to wear your hair down and truly look sultry and stunning!