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DIY Easter Nails - Make Your Easter Happy & Hoppy!

With Easter just around the corner wouldn't you like to celebrate Easter with cheery Easter nails? Currently Pinterest is buzzing with images of Easter nails, and we thought we would share some of our findings with you!

nails 1Beautylish showed off a beautiful picture of Easter nails, which are complete with adorable Easter colors and dots. They didn't include a tutorial but we're guessing you can create the beautiful dots by using a toothpick or the end of the sewing pin - just don't poke yourself! There are also beauty nails tools available if you live near Target or know of a beauty shop nearby. To create colored tips on your nails use tape, meaning before you paint the bottom coat you will want to do your tips first. That way smudging of your bottom layer will not take place. Place tape on your nail and then paint the tip that's not covered by the tape. This will also help you create the perfect Easter nail combo!

nails 2

These spring Easter nails require more effort, but if you have some time to do designs with a toothpick on your nails, then go for it! Find more nail inspiration at The Swatching Sprite blog, which is where this image came from. We're loving the pretty fireflies and flowers on these nails. Not to mention the blue tips are adorable too! Be creative and have while painting your nails!

nails 3

Check out this long tutorial above on how to get perfectly pink ombre nails! BeautyMalmira got it right with this DIY - these nails are stunning and look fairly easy to accomplish. We're loving the ombre aspect as well and the fact that she used a nail beauty tool to create this look. If you don't have a beauty tool though don't fret, a toothpick should also do the trick.


Last but not least, these adorable chick nails are also perfect for Easter. If you love yellow and you want something unique, this is a great idea. The nail polish is so bright and colorful! We found this image from Beautylish's Community Nail's page. The girls are having a lot of fun with their Easter nails over there!

So what do you think? Are you going to get your nails Easter ready for this upcoming holiday weekend? Show off your glam nails with your Perfect Locks and you'll have it made! Stay tuned for more Easter inspired posts to get you in the Easter mood. ;)

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