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Cool Out: 10 Low to No Heat Hairstyling Methods

One of the biggest factors in hair loss, split ends, and other hair damage is dryness. Even for women with fairly healthy balances of natural oils in their scalps, overuse of blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and other styling tools can mean fried, brittle, or broken-off locks. So one of the simplest ways to combat desert dryness is to go for low-heat, or even heat-free, styling techniques. Below are just a few of your options, along with the kind of look you’ll create by using them:

No Heat Methods: All-Natural, Baby!

Technique                              Results

Detangle and air-dry, loose Depending on hair type, straight and silky, wavy, curly, or kinky (Afro)
Roller set and air-dry Voluminous curls and lots of body
Roller set and wrap (Doobie) Smooth, moveable hair, with just a hint of bend in the ends and height at the crown
Wet wrap Flowing, moveable hair, with just a hint of bend in the ends.
Bantu knot-out Large, defined ringlets
2-strand twist-out Wavy to curly, as if set on flexi-rods
Flat twist-out or cornrow-out Tight spirals to a loose or tight crimp, depending on hair texture
Braid-out Crimped look

Low-Heat Methods: Extra Control

Technique              Results

Partial blow-dry and set Either wet set and use blow dryer to loosen the design, or blow dry until hair is 90% dry, then roll, wrap, or set; provides an extra smooth and straight look, and lots of body
Hood drying Set hair any way mentioned above, then sit under a hood hair dryer for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on hair length and thickness.

Any combination of these hair styling tricks will help you get the look you love, without having to sacrifice healthy hair. Experiment with these wet sets and look out for instructions on how to do them (coming soon), and you’ll be on your way to increased hair growth and decreased damage in no time!

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