Comments on: Contest: Win 18″ Wavy Indian Hair from Perfect Locks Human Hair Extensions Tue, 28 May 2013 17:31:00 +0000 hourly 1 By: Martha Kasanda Wed, 25 Aug 2010 00:46:20 +0000 Hey my name's Martha (martha K. on facebook and @marthak1985 on twitter)

I had this dream once were I was a hair model, I walked onto the set said a few lines and then turned my head in such a way that the sun shone on my long thick black hair, as it swayed past my shoulders… In the absence of an actual hair modelling career and long hair, there's no reason why I shouldnt have the hair of my dreams. I love my hair, and I love trying out new things with it my current obsession is colour and trying out hairstyles i've never had before because I was too afraid to then (not to mention growing my hair out). I had my first weave done about two months ago and it looked gorgeous and I am really keen to try one again though this time i want something different. I've never had a long, wavy hairstyle- i've had curly, long and straight hair, red hair, black hair, and even brown hair – but it all has one thing in common- EVERYONE has it :( . I need to change my hairstyle the same way that Mehcad Brooks and Jacob Black need to permanently lose their t shirts.
My current hairstyle is long, straight and red; before that i had a short lived curly do. Im trying to move away from the norm- the same old hair styles and hair types- I want to conquer the world with gorgeous hair that commands attention with each step that I take. I added a link to a photo album with my last few hairstyles- the red one being the most recent :D


By: Tiff Wed, 18 Aug 2010 01:47:29 +0000 Hey my name is TIffany aka @shesoxplosive via twitter and i tag your wall on facebook!

I was just saying to myself how I am sick of straight hair!!!!. I have been without a weave for 8months. lol I have been rocking the straight and relax style, which i look hot in btw. I am growing out my relaxer. This past week, it has been raining all weekend. I went got my hair laid because rain or not, i needed my hair done and i wanted to hit the club. I went home and took a nap. By the time i woke up, it had stop raining. I got dress, unwrap my hair and bumped it to get it a little straighter. I step outside and stopped dead in my tracks. When i felt all the humidity and mist in the air, i became so upset. I just knew the night was not going to look pretty. Within minutes, my hair pouf and frizzed up so bad, all i could do was laugh. I got creative and pin my hair in a wild n crazy updo and i enjoyed my night. So yea, i am about ready for a new hairstyle something long and wavy. Below are links to my current style and a nice picture of my and my friends.

Contest: Win 18″ Wavy Indian Hair from Perfect Locks | Perfect Locks
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