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Change up Your Curls with 3 Easy Hairdos

If you currently have curly tresses or curly hair extensions and get tired of the same hairstyle everyday, why not switch up your hair routine and try some easy hairstyles that will enhance your curls? There are many hairdos to try, such as braids, fishtail braids, hats, headbands, or a fab ponytail with a slight poof. So instead of getting frustrated that your curly tresses have to be worn down every single day, get inventive and embrace new hairstyles before the New Year begins.

Poof up Your Pony -

When you have a day when you just don't feel like doing your hair, you most likely pull it up without effort or stick it in a ponytail. However, if you take an extra minute in the morning you can create some extra pizzazz to your pony with a slight poof. Don't overdo it with your poof because too much of a poof looks overdone and too little looks silly. Play with your perfect poof until you're confident that today will be a good hair day because your curls look fabulous with a ponytail poof that turned out to be amazing.

Braid the Day Away - 

Braids are always a great go-to hairstyle that can look both classy and laid back simultaneously, depending on the occasion. If you're going to a more formal outing dress up your normal braid and try a fishtail. If you're not familiar with how to style your curly tresses this way, hop on YouTube or try typing in fishtail on Pinterest. With our search engines on the Internet you'll be able to pull up a tutorial on how to get the perfect fishtail braid lickety-split!

Show off Curls with a Hat -

You may think wearing a hat is only for bad hair days, but if you have beautiful curls you can most definitely rock a hat no problem. Women with curly hair tend to make a hat look amazing because beneath that stylish hat are curls that look loose and lovely. What's also great about a hat is that if you live in a colder climate a hat will keep you warm no matter where you live. Find a few hats that you adore and wear them on days that you need something extra to add to your ensemble. A hat will not only compliment your locks but will keep you warm when it's cold outside too.

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