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Celebrity Style Spotlight: Amanda Seyfried Dazzles in Neutral Colors

Over the years Amanda Seyfried has transformed into a leading lady who knows what works best for her beautiful figure. When she used to wear shapeless frocks in the early 2000's we wondered what was going on, but in recent times she has learned what she loves to wear and what looks best on her gorgeous frame and she shows it off beautifully!

Rarely found in bright colors, Amanda sticks with neutral colors such as black, beige, and white. Often times you will find her in black shorts and a tuxedo top when she's not sure what else to appear in.

Recently for her appearances for Les Mis she's been in a lot of neutral dresses that are both feminine and chic. Did you see what she wore to the Golden Globes? Her long beige dress stole the show! However, even when she's not sure what to wear, which is why she wears a lot of beige and back, (by the way, we're sure we'd feel the same way if we were in her shoes!), she always looks stunning. Our eyes usually go to her beautiful tresses that looks gorgeous no matter what she is wearing!

Basic in Black, yet Beautiful -

You can never be out of style in black, simply because it is classy and elegant. You can dress it up or dress it down depending on the occasion, and Amanda does just that. You'll often find her in a beautiful black sheathe for dressy occasions and even when the event isn't that formal, she still likes to arrive in black or another neutral color. We can't say we blame her. Black is a go-to color that's rather easy to wear. Plus, if you're having a day where you feel bloated or don't feel like standing out like a sore thumb, black is the perfect color to choose.

However, don't forget that black can easily be enhanced with a bright necklace or brightly colored pumps. A black sequin dress is also a great way to make black a bit fancier than normal. Stay simple but don't forget that black doesn't have to stay black - incorporate some color every once in a while! ;)

Shorts and a Tee Shirt on Casual Outings -

When Amanda is not promoting her latest movie, you'll often see her in shorts and a tee-shirt. She'll either be walking her dog or walking around town in a casual getup that she always looks darling in. She also loves her accessories, such as a Prada handbag that you see in the image to the right. Even though her outfit is casual and chic, she still enjoys incorporating nice handbags and other simple accessories that catches everyone's eye.

Plus, with her tresses worn long and her simplistic style, we get a glimpse of what Amanda's life is all about when she's not busy being an actress promoting her latest film. All we know is that we love her style and we can't wait to see it evolve  even more. Over the years she's sure to become a classic beauty whose style we will want to emulate. In fact, she reminds us a little of Princess Grace! ;)

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