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Beyonce’s Best Hairstyles: Get Them With Hair Extensions

Year after year, Beyonce rocks the world with her unmatchable grace and style. Her one-of-a-kind outfits and overall look inspire stages and red carpets alike. While you can find photos of many great hairstyles Beyonce has work, dating even a few decades back, here are three of our favorites and how to add the boost you need with hair extensions.

Beyonce with glamorous curls Beyonce with glamorous curls

Glamorous Curls

Big, glamorous curls complete shiny, smooth, straight hair with this larger-than-life look that’s full of sparkle. Maximum body and shine can be achieved by any hair type with extensions. Blow dry your hair with maximum-lift mousse, focusing the heat at the roots to activate body. Part your hair down the middle and separate into sections. Section by section, curl each piece with a curling iron or Velcro rollers. If you use Velcro rollers, while they are cooling, grab your curling iron and curl clip-in hair extensions. Vary the width of the curling iron’s barrel to give the curls an eclectic, textured look that is perfect for fall. Once you’re finished curling, pull your hair up gently in sections, clipping the extensions at the part where the sections separate. Drop the top sections down to cover the clips and blend the extensions with your natural hair. On top, use hairspray to tease hair until it has the volume you desire.
Beyonce with curly kinky hair Beyonce with curly kinky hair

Big Hair in the Form of an Afro

Big hair is in this fall season – a look that Beyonce rocked in years past. Though it’s a look we haven’t seen on her in a while, her style epitomizes everything that’s great about the fall 2013 afro. One of the keys to using hair extensions is matching the color, length, and texture of your hair, (try our Kinky Curly Steam Permed Indian Hair) so that extensions look natural and flawless. Choose extensions that match the natural curl of your hair, and layer them underneath natural hair to create this stunning volume.
Beyonce showing off a chic braid Beyonce showing off a chic braid


Braids are gorgeous on so many women. This chic, simple style becomes even more beautiful with the use of hair extensions to add texture, volume, and a whimsical magic to your natural hair. Before braiding, style your hair as normal, adding in the hair extensions. Style the hair extensions or Volumizer if you have one, to match your natural style. Pull hair to the side, over one shoulder, and simply create a long braid. Add a little messiness to it for added texture, and you’re sure to turn heads.
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