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Beauty Trends for Fall and Winter - Look Fresh and Fierce!

The rule for beauty has always been to “highlight your best feature” by creating a smoky eye or wearing a bold lip; mixing the two can be garish and overwhelming- particularly during the day. The same is true with fashion; a pair of loose pants with a fitted top can be a chic look. If you pair loose pants with a loose top, however, you’ll completely disappear in your clothes. You want to wear your clothes- not let your clothes wear you. When it comes to make-up, the goal is to enhance your natural beauty, not hide or distort it.

Highlight Your Best Features:

Women wear make-up for a variety of reasons; we like to cover up our blemishes and what we believe to be “flaws”, make ourselves “look better”, and to appear “more fashionable”. We use quotation marks because these aspects are all a matter of a woman’s opinion of herself. Most women would probably agree that the first step to highlighting your best features is to hide imperfections or create a blank canvas.

There were many reoccurring themes in beauty on the runways for fall. Earth tones were a popular choice for the eyes along with full eyebrows. Other popular eye make-up looks included the “cat eye” and emerald eyelids complemented by charcoal or gunmetal hints, topped off with numerous coats of black mascara. For the lips, matte lipstick in shades of bright red, bright orange, and orange-red took over the runways as well as a “just bitten” shade of wine.

The goal of your facial make-up should be to achieve a rosy glow; to get this look, use cream blushes that are easy to build and diffuse. Trending nail colors are similar to the shades popular for the lips and eyes. Some new hues to try include wine, eggplant, rust, forest green, and neutrals. The most important rule to remember is that if you wear a bold lip, you should use muted earth tones on your eyes or vice versa to achieve balance!

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