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Beautiful and Beguiling Halloween Hairstyles

Halloween retro hairstyleHappy Halloween! What are your plans Lockettes? We hope you're excited as we are about Halloween, and if you're not perhaps it's because you need to change up your costume or hairstyle. Sometimes styling your hair in a unique way for Halloween can completely change your costume and create the look you are going for. If you're currently stumped on what to dress up as or need to change up your look, here are some beautiful and beguiling Halloween hairstyles that are sure to make your Halloween party a smash:

Modern Retro Beauty with Blue Tresses

We totally get that modern and retro are two different words that are polar opposites, so before you are completely stumped keep reading. Retro hair is fun, especially if you are dressing as Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy, or a 1950's character, for example. However, if you'd like to take your look further why not modernize your retro hairstyle by adding in blue hair extensions? It might be just what you need to make your look very unique.

If you don't have blue hair extensions this short of notice you can buy a blue hair messy Halloween updowig at a local costume store, but for a future Halloween costume you may want to consider buying colored clip on hair extensions followed by having your hair stylist dye them a color of your choosing. You never know when blue or pink hair extensions may come in handy for a future fun costume party or even to be on trend!

Corpse Bride Messy Updo

Nothing says spooky more than a very messy updo, and by messy we mean very messy. If you're not sure how to achieve this look you will need a lot of hairspray, and practice.

First put your hair up in a loose bun. Then pull out one strand of hair at a time, tease your hair, use hairspray, and play with each strand of hair until you get the desired effect. This may take a lot of time, so start early in the morning before work to get this hairstyle right. If you experiment earlier in the morning your hair should look messy and spooky in time for your party or get together later this evening! Don't be too picky though -- remember this is supposed to be a messy Corpse Bride hairstyle!

Rocker Chick Hair

If you're short on time today on Halloween that's understandable, and that's why you should use your Volumizer to your advantage! After your Volumizer is in rocker chick hairyour hair, you already have volume, so now all that you need is the right hairstyle!

For an instant rocker chick outfit simply pin back part of your hair, but leave the center part of your hair loose. For extra body hairspray will work, but to preserve your Volumizer from too much hairspray, simply tease your hair in the center and style accordingly. Don't forget to do your makeup with a fantastic smokey eye to go with your rocker outfit! You'll love your Halloween hair, makeup, and extraordinary outfit. Be sure to tweet us on Twitter or tag us on Instagram with your Halloween hair and costume!

We hope you have a wonderful Halloween Lockettes! Stay safe and have fun!

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