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Beachy Beautiful: The Effortless Summer Beauty Routine

beach fashionSummer is a time for beachy style and for simplifying your beauty routine. You may already have some of the cosmetics and tools necessary to achieve a summer look (including your hair extensions), but  the key is natural simplicity to appear fresh and healthy from the beach. Follow these helpful hints to achieve an effortless summer look and turn heads with your natural beauty.

Simple Bling

You’ll still want to wear some jewelry to dress up your outfits, even at the beach, but purchase a few simple items that won’t stick to your body while it’s hot out. Earrings are a great choice, as well as long, bohemian necklaces that look great with a bathing suit cover-up or effortless summer dress for al fresco dinners in the evening. A beautiful accessory can turn a plain black tank top into a stylish, chic element to an outfit.


We all know by now the harmful effects of the sun and tanning beds. You can still achieve a healthy summer glow through a few products. Self-tanners have become better-than-ever by eliminating an orange look or chemical smell. Best of all, gradual self-tanners eliminate a lot of the anxiety of using a tanner and fearing that you’ve applied it unevenly or that it will make you look orange. Use a gradual tanner every other day to achieve a healthy, beautiful glow that will look natural and won’t harm you. Bronzers are also great products for the face, and some companies even make great body bronzers to highlight any area the sun would kiss, such as your collarbone, shoulders, and legs.

Light Makeup

Establish a good skincare regimen to make sure the foundation for your makeup is healthy. A nice tinted moisturizer is a great element to wear this summer to even out skin tone. Use a bronzer to highlight areas of your face the sun would first kiss, such as your cheekbones, your nose and the bridge across your nose, the sides of your forehead, and your chin. Be sure to blend in the bronzer, so it doesn’t look like stripes. You’ll want to choose a color that’s only a few shades darker than your face. Go easy on the eye makeup, choosing a neutral, pencil eyeliner, such as a light brown. Dab on a bit of mascara, and highlight the eyelids with a sheer, shimmery shade. Throw on a natural, shiny lip gloss, and you’re set for what the rest of summer holds.

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