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Be Sun Smart with Your Hair & Keep it Healthy this Summer

funWe hope you are having a great summer! Whether it's heading to the pool on the weekends or enjoying the ocean if you live near it, the summer is a fun time to enjoy the sunshine. But -- even though it's a blast to be outdoors and greet all that summer time brings doesn't mean you can't forget to protect your tresses. Hair extensions get dried out and so does your real hair. So be sun smart and plan ahead so that your hair will look its best all summer long.

Invest in a Sunscreen Hair Spray

We know we've told you it's bad to use a lot of product in your hair, however when you're out in the sun all day it's an entirely different matter. The harmful effects of UV rays is not good on your tresses! It will damage your cuticles and dry out your hair. To prevent this from happening don't stay in the sun all day or wear a hat that will cover up your hair. If you want to go for the beach curls look, search for a quality sunscreen spray and spray it over your locks before you go on that hike, hit the pool, or visit the beach. ;)

Condition Your Hair and Leave it In for at Least 2 Minutes!

Using a deep conditioner in your hair every week or so is another way to carehair for your tresses during the hot summer months. However, if you're quickly applying the conditioner and then rinsing it off because you're in a hurry to get to work, then it's not doing its job. In order for the conditioner to truly repair your hair, it needs to be on your locks for at least two minutes or more. This will allow it to penetrate the hair shaft and work its magic on your hair, keeping it silky and healthy.

Only Shampoo Your Hair Once in a While

Yes, we understand how this sounds, however shampooing your hair every single day will not only dry it out, but it will strip the natural properties from your hair. Use shampoo in your hair every 2-3 days and on the days you don't use shampoo either use dry shampoo or a vinegar rinse if you really must wash your hair every day. If your hair extensions are colored by a stylist then your color will last longer if you only wash your hair every 2-3 days (or wait longer if you can).

This summer means having fun in the sun, but don't forget to be responsible and take care of your tresses! You and your beautiful locks deserve it Lockettes!

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