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Banish Itchy Scalp and Save Your Hair

It happens to even the best. Your hair is perfect, flying in the wind and falling in all the right places. Your hair extensions are fresh, and you couldn’t look or feel better...except your scalp itches just a little bit. Sometimes, especially toward the end of your hairstyle’s life cycle, it even itches a lot. But who wants to scratch their head and risk loosening, or even ruining, the appearance if their beautifully-installed perfect locks?

Well, you don’t have to. Here are five itchy scalp remedies sure to help soothe your hair and leave you no need to scratch, as well as leaving your hairstyles and hair extensions intact.

  • Before installing hair extensions, thoroughly wash and condition the scalp, to make sure there’s no product buildup causing itchiness. Shampoo and conditioner residue, as well as leftover gel, mousse, hair grease, hair spray, spritz, and other styling products from your last hair style are a breeding ground for germs and moisture that lead to troublesome scalp problems. Make sure to focus on getting the scalp clean every time you shampoo, but especially before weaving services.
  • Cut back on the number and amount of styling products you use while wearing extensions, especially products that go on the scalp. Many stylists like to put gel or other holding products on the cornrows, fusion sections, or other underlying hair that the extensions are attached to, for extra control. However, this can cause buildup. Let your beautician know you’d prefer lighter products, if any must be used at all, and try to resist the urge to pile on more once you get home and start wearing your hair in different styles.
  • If the need to scratch occurs anyway, try using Vitamin E oil, available in caplet form in your drugstore, to soothe the burn. Simply break open a gelcap and spread a little oil on the bothersome spot.
  • Cleanse with a bit of witch hazel or a waterless cleanser. Widely available in almost any grocery or dollar store, witch hazel is an old itchy scalp treatment, as well as a great skin astringent. Just put a bit on a cotton pad or ball, and wipe the scalp clean. This is especially helpful for weave-wearers who work out often, or plan to wear their extensions for longer periods of time. Waterless cleansers, sold in many beauty supplies for loc and twist wearers, can help just as much, provided they’re not chock-full of greasy ingredients or possibly harmful additives.
  • If you absolutely must scratch, use the tail end of a rattail comb. The fine teeth will likely pull your hair out of place, resulting in matted hair, breakage, or a lumpy look, but the tail end delivers focused relief without taking hair out of its set pattern.

So now you don’t have to scratch your head—or pat it, as some women do—over itchy scalp or itchy hair, risking possible chemical burns later on, or immediately ruined hair. All you have to do to is prevent it or block it with a little TLC, and be free to let those fresh extensions fly again!

Take care of yourselves,


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