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Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Beauty Tips to Kill the Winter Blues

While the colder months often promise extensive fashion options, because layering, scarves, boots, and jackets are hot items, it can be a downer for your hair, makeup, and skin. Unlike the dewy spring and summer months, winter can wreak havoc on hair and skin, because of dry weather conditions and artificial heat. Don’t let the winter get you down. Here are a few fabulous tips and tricks to help refresh your beauty even in the middle of winter, and don’t worry – spring is nearly in sight.

Perfect Locks Deep Conditioner

deep conditionerYour hair probably doesn’t require a deep conditioning every day, but using a high-quality deep conditioner on a regular basis can improve the look and feel of your hair after just a few applications. It’s especially important to use a deep conditioner if you heat style your hair on a regular basis. The conditioner can help moisturize brittle ends and bring health back into it, preventing dull appearance and breakage. Make time to pamper your hair once a week or every few weeks, and you’ll see quick change in the appearance and feel of your hair.


For some skin types, it’s difficult to manage skin in the winter months, because the cold air dries out skin, and heavy moisturizers clog pores. Many women walk the delicate balance between flakes and breakouts. Facials can help manage skin and keep it looking it’s healthiest. Save up and deep conditionersplurge on a few to help your skin find the nutrition it needs and keep the lovely, rosy glow in the winter. Facialists can also make recommendations on what products might work best for your particular skin type to keep skin beautiful between appointments.

Fresh Cuts and Color

A fresh haircut and color can be just what you need to lift your spirits and bring some color into the gray winter. Be sure to keep up hair appointments, especially if you have a weave that needs maintenance. If you’re looking for a new style, consider trying a different type of extensions such as colored clip ons, or a new color. The new style and TLC that you give yourself will help lift spirits and revitalize some of your winter fashion as well. Who doesn’t want to dress well when you have a new haircut to match?
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