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Are you Wearing Red?: Hottest Looks for Valentine’s Day

V Day OutfitThe days of elementary school are over, when you’d wear a bright, red sweater with a gaudy heart on it for Valentine’s Day. Now that you’re a grown-up, choosing an outfit for Valentine’s Day can be a little more difficult. You want to look sexy and romantic, as well as choosing a style that matches your personality. Depending on what your plans are for Valentine’s Day, here are a few top fashion picks to help you get inspired or stay inspired as you plan your look for Valentine’s Day. Also, don't forget to match your outfit to your fabulous hair extensions!

Cocktail Dresses

Short, knee-length dresses are always a lovely option, because they are so versatile for women of all heights, and you can choose from many different cuts and styles that look fabulous on all body types. Cocktail dresses can be difficult to wear if you live in states with colder climates, especially with the extreme cold temps the nation has experienced. If you want to wear a shorter dress but live in a colder climate, consider that while you’re purchasing, and invest in some tights and boots to go with it, as well as some type of sweater to keep you warm. Red is obviously the classic color of Valentine’s Day, but feel free to mix it up with other colors as well.


A pair of sleek, wide-legged dress pants can be a lovely option, though skirts tend to be more romantic. If you choose to go with a pants option, choose your top wisely. Choose loose, flowy, romantic fabrics on top to break up the business-like option on the bottom. Romantic prints and colors also help balance this look. Choose a wrap or soft sweater over a structured jacket, so you can relax on your date instead of appearing like you’re going to a business meeting.


Pair sexy shoes with romantic outfits. Sexy shoes are your best option for Valentine’s Day. Tall, heeled boots are fantastic for women in colder states, because you can keep the allure without sacrificing warmth and comfort. Be sure your boots are delicately shaped. Boots with large, rounded toes and thick heels aren’t as romantic for this holiday. If you’re able to go for something strappy, a strappy sandal in a jewel-tone is almost always a perfect option. Shop for shoes while you’re shopping for your outfit to ensure everything goes together perfectly.

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