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Applying Bright Eyeliner Correctly - Have Fierce and Fabulous Eye Makeup

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There's been quite a commotion over a few smoking eye makeup looks on our Facebook page lately, so we thought we would write and show you a tutorial (check out the video above!) so you can get the look yourself! If you missed the fab eye makeup photos on Facebook you can take a peek here and here. With the vibrant colors and drop dead gorgeous eyeliner, we happen to love these eye looks as well. If you like to apply bright eye liner on your own confidently, there's a proper way to do it and here are some tips so you can get this look in a jiffy.

The first tip to keep in mind is to sweep the line on the bottom and top of your lids with white eyeliner first. Do this after you've applied a eyeshadow primer and light eyeshadow to start with. Whatever color you choose, whether it's pink, blue, or purple, etc., should be applied with a slanted brush. Apply your colored eye liner with the slanted brush on top of the white eyeliner and you'll be able to create your desired dynamite color underneath  your eyes or even on top of your lids if you'd like. Paired with your amazing hair extensions, you makeup will look out of this world!

Another tip that's fairly simple? Don't apply too much eyeliner unless you're in the mood and don't over do it! The idea is to achieve a makeup look that's just right for you and that isn't overpowering your every day look (unless you're headed to a party or fancy get together)! The idea is to apply enough eyeliner to make a statement but not enough to over power your overall look. Applied correctly you'll have an amazing eyeliner look that you'll go crazy over and everyone else will love too!

Colored eyeliner looks great paired with the right type of outfit as well. Whether you're going for a bright summer look or a subtle summer look, there's a way to come up with the perfect outfit while still wearing the right amount of eyeliner. If you're not crazy over eyeliner but still would like to achieve this look, why not play with it first? Practice makes perfect and the beauty guru above (via College Fashion blog) provides us all with a great example as to how to apply your bright eye makeup correctly.

So what do you think? Are you ready to have fierce and fabulous eyes?! Start practicing and apply your eye liner today. Don't forget to apply white liner first underneath your colored eyeliner (use as a base). After you get this look down, you'll have a fierce make up look that's just like what you viewed on our Facebook page!

We hope you have a great weekend and be sure to show off your hot new bright eyed look! ;)

-Perfect Locks

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