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An Easy Science to Understanding Hair Health

Did you know that we have over 100,000 hairs on your head? The hair shaft has three layers and the cuticle protects all of the layers. In case you were wondering, the cuticle is the outside layer.

As we've continuously stressed in our articles, maintaining healthy hair is vital because if you have healthy hair you will also have shiny hair. The scales of the cuticles lie flat and tightly overlap which in turn protects your layers from heat, sun, chlorine, and other dangers to your hair. Damaged hair results in the scales separating and this is when your hair becomes damaged and dry. With a broken cuticle the inner two layers of your hair are at risk and this is when your hair become dry and unhealthy.

Since there are so many types of hair types, the type of your hair can effect how shiny it is. Sebum is the natural oil on your hair. Straight hair is more sebum than curly hair, hence why straight hair can appear shinier.

If you are curious as to how old the end of your hair shaft can be (yes your hair shaft has an age!) it can be one to two years old. Your hair at the end of the shaft can easily last a long time if you take care of your hair by protecting it with leave-in conditioner and other vital treatments that ensure long lasting hair. That's why it is important to protect your hair while out in the sun, especially if you just recently invested in beautiful hair extensions.

Curling irons and straightening irons can dry out your oily hair and should be used sparingly. If you purchase our straight hair extensions you won't have to worry about the heat damage that will take place in your normal locks; your hair will be already straight and easy to curl on the days you would prefer a curly hair style.

So how does hair additionally break and become damaged? When the hair is weakened, it results in breakage. If you are currently stressed out or are going through a challenging time in your life, sometimes breakage takes place near the scalp so a person's hair will unfortunately never grow back at an ideal length. When hairs break on the ends of your hair they are also referred to as "split ends," and the damaged hair can travel up the hair shaft resulting in the wispy hairs and short that get in your way while styling your hair.

Keep in mind that other conditions can lead to hair breakage, including medical problems. Be observant of how your hair looks and how healthy it is. If it constantly looks unhealthy, this is a sign whether you could be developing hypothyroidism or an eating disorder. If your hair is still damaged even though you are taking care of it, see a doctor.

There are many concepts to understand about your hair and by educating yourself about your hair, it will stay healthy and shiny. Remember to use styling products sparingly, replace your hair extensions as needed, and be on a healthy diet. An eating diet also effects how the rest of your body handles stress and daily happenings. If you pay attention to your hair's health, it will stay healthy, shiny, and strong.

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