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All About Curly Indian Hair Extensions

If you are born with curly hair, then there is so much you need to know about it! Not all curly hair is the same, especially when talking about Indian hair. They vary in texture and there are different type of curls. The three different types are: loose, curly and kinky. Loose curls are softer curls roughly two inches wide. They are shiny and very manageable for the most part. Some famous actresses with loose curls are Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker. This hair has a beautiful body to it and can be versatile and easy to maintain.

Curly hair is the typical curly hair with curls one to one and a half inches wide. This hair looks coarse but can be fine hair which needs to be taken care properly. This type of hair texture tightens up when short and can loosen up when long. Some famous actresses with this of hair texture are Julianna Margulies and Keri Russel. Kinky type of curls are very small ringlet like curls with inch or less in diameter. This kind of hair takes a long time to be grown long. Most people with this kind of texture treat their hair chemically and hence care should be taken to maintain it. Some famous stars with this hair texture are Halle Berry, Diana Ross, Macy Gray?s.
Curly hair has two types of texture, fine and coarse. Fine curly hair flows well and is not very frizzy. Coarse curly hair appears thick because the hair strand is thicker in diameter. This hair needs good maintenance to keep it moisturized always to prevent frizz.

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